Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dear Kid at the Mall

OK, so yer 14 and you want to look cool - whatever. Now, I know that old rock-n-roll t-shirts are, as you kids say, "in" right now, but shouldn't there be a pre-requisite? I mean, do you know ANYTHING about the Scorpions? Can you name 2 albums, 3 songs, and 2 band members? No? Then lose the shirt! That's MY band! I'm the cool one! Got it?

Oh, and this video is for Kim:


Pat Angello

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Bill Purdy said...

It's not enough to be a fan of the band, Patrick. You gotta wear the shirt, too.

Until you don the black, you just ain't the cool one. That kid at the mall is.

Sorry. Them's the rules.

(You can also wear Carolina Hurricanes merchandise, which fulfills the cool requirement on several levels.)

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