Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Creation

If you are here, you are somewhat curious as to the process of how I created the official PAFC mini and micro helmets - the coolest PAFC giveaway items EVER! The helmets were blank when I started, and I used simple stick-on vinyl paper and an xacto blade to decorate. Here's a step-by-step look:

Step 1 - OK, not really a step, but here you see how the helmets came to me. The paper with the logos was used as a guide - I put it on top of the vinyl paper to make the cuts.

Step 2 - I decided to do the stripes first. Obviously, the middle white stripe needed to go on first.

Step 3 - Blue stripes followed, measured half the size of the white stripes.

Step 4 - The letters. Sorry for the lack of focus here, but you can kind of see the blue tape on the other side of the helmet - I used that to make sure the letters were level and straight.

Step 5 - The swooshes were pretty easy - I just needed to keep them relatively straight under the letters.

Step 6a - The facemask is attached and PAFC letters (again, vinyl stick-on lettering) is on the little pad above the facemask.

Step 6b - The word "SARCASM" on the small pad in the back of the helmet.


Here are the micros - same process.

Finally, big brother and little brother!

Good luck on the PAFC Pick 'Em 06 - I know you want one of these! Why do you think I made 2 of each?


Bill Purdy said...

Dude, that is even cooler in pictures than it sounded when you described it to me on the phone. Noce job!

You can go ahead and send me mine now. My victory is a foregone conclusion.

Tom Train said...

Sweet! I can't wait to get mine!

Andrea said...

Those are about the coolest thing ever. Now instead of just randomly picking my pics just to be a participant in this cool contest I'll have to actually put some thought into it.

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