Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Crazy Man – CRAZY!

OK, so I’ve been a little nuts lately and COMPLETELY neglecting the blog here. Is that a legitimate excuse? Maybe!

So this weekend was fun! Our friend Sue took us out for sushi on Friday night, then we went to a movie. The sushi was great, as per usual! We went to Land of Sushi on Arapahoe and University and ate WAY TOO MUCH, but it was good! Actually, the price wasn’t bad either! There were a lot of less expensive rolls, but we got some specials and just had too much food. Guh! But thanks Sue! Oh, and thanks to Tom for taking us to Bara Sushi and Grill right by our house (Belleview and Ulster) on Wednesday night! That place was great too, and they had some really creative and different things there. Plus it’s a hibachi grill so you can bring non-sushi eaters there and EVERYONE can find something to eat.

After dinner on Friday, we went to see Monster House. Loved it! Come on, Spielberg and Zemeckis combining for one film? You know it’s going to be fun! I highly recommend it for anyone. I’ll say 4 out of 5!

Saturday was fun too! I went down to Colorado Springs to record a few sessions of the Son of Cheese Half Hour Power Hour! We talked about movies and, um, stuff. The podcasts won’t air for a while, but I’ll let you know when they do. You'll have to tune in just to hear the ridiculous movie that Derek claims to be his favorite of all time. SERIOUSLY! In the mean time, go listen to a few of the other ones Derek has recorded – his dad is a riot! OH, Collin and Heather are pretty fun too!

Later that evening, I went to see my boss play his guitar at Java Guru and he let me do a stand up set during his break. It was kind of fun, but there was a birthday party going on there and not many people were paying attention to whatever was on the stage. I had to take off a little early because we were going to church in Evergreen on Sunday, so I needed sleep. I was going to unveil some new stuff, but since NONE OF YOU BASTARDS SHOWED UP, I figured I’d save it for the next Freak Train.

Sunday we went to church with KT’s dad and step-mom, and I really enjoyed it actually! The pastor at the Evergreen Lutheran Church is simply an amazing woman! I was captivated the entire time we were there! That afternoon we enjoyed a picnic with KT’s book club girls. Since attendance was small for this meeting, they allowed the boys to come. YAY! It really was a nice time. And Pam will kill me for this shot:

Oh, and Freak Train was a kick! I know I already linked to the film DeJo took of me, but I had fun. 10 months of practicing gone in 4:37, but it was totally worth it. Thanks to Ernie for helping me build the set, and to my lovely wife KT for helping me with the drapes. I knew the hosts were going to kinda screw up the drapes – I just knew it! I had the whole thing covered just fine until THEY showed up! Anyway, it worked out pretty well and I was damn happy with the whole thing. I’m a little nervous about the lack of performers at Freak Train, and the sparse crowd. There were still 4 empty slots for performers when the show started, and the building wasn’t even close to full. I’m thinking of creating a flier for people to hang up at work. I’m telling you, even though it’s on a Monday night, for $5 you won’t find a better show in town. The hosts are fantastically talented, the performers are always, um, interesting and fun, and they give you FREE BEER! Seriously, if you haven’t been yet, you must go! I need all of my Freak Train regulars to comment and back me up here!

OK, so I’m back! More bloggin’ a comin’ this week. Stay tuned, you just might learn something! Or not…

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it's a great movie.

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