Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th!

OK, so I know you already did the 4th of July thing, but if you didn't go to the Glendale Fireworks, you missed the best show in Colorado. This is the one big party Katy and I throw now that we are in an apartment, and we had about 70 of our favorite friends, family members, and coworkers show up - even all the way from Pakistan (OK, kinda Germany, but still), Canada and Colorado Springs! Here's a bunch of pictures:

Katy and I got there at 3:30 to stake out our spot and save room.

We had 4 folding tables, 2 grills, and a whole lotta meat to cook up!

Katy helped the kids make water bottle cozies before the rain started.

Ernie and his boys Dillon and Travis were a big help in setting up and cleaning up - ya gotta love these guys!

It was a little cold after the rain, so Katy warmed up by the grill.

Hey, it's Collin from Fizzle and Pop! He came all the way from Colorado Springs to join us!

Here is a picture of Collin's kids Jordyn and Justin, who sounded like they had fun, and his girlfriend Heather from Matted Spam.

It's that Son of Cheese Derek and his sister-in-law Shannon. Somehow I cut out his wife Heather, but she's Shannon's twin so...

A picture of our clan.

Sam looking thrilled with his wife Nichelle behind him. Also in the back is Pam, Dejo (it's his birthday today) and Dejo's brother Jerome in from Canada.

It's my bro! Oh, and his wife Michele, Tom the Train and Sue.

More people, including Darcy, Marcia, Michelle, Matt, Heather (Derek's wife!), Derek, and Shannon (waving).

A slightly better pic of Pam, Dejo and Jerome.

Katy talking with Channel 2 News as they eat our food.

I'll try to post video later, but Katy was interviewed by Channel 2 as they did a little story on the Glendale Fireworks. Now that she's told all of Colorado how good they are, we'll probably need to get there at noon to save room next year!

Katy getting ready for the show now that it's dark.

The Train in action.

***Extra special thanks to Greg for helping on the grill and all of those who helped us clean up and pack up afterwards!

OK, here are some pics of the fireworks. They don't really do the 25 minute show justice, especially if you sit in front of these buildings. It gets really loud and it's a whole lot of fun! Hope you enjoy the holiday!


Bill Purdy said...

The Train in action

Better than any firecracker I ever saw!

Squatchyk said...

I was about to say I felt jipped when you cut me out of the picture! :) Great pictures. We enjoyed the show.

Derek Knight said...

That was quite the fireworks show...Thanks for inviting us up!

Danny said...

Always great fun! Your new camera got a workout as well! Photos and video. sweet!
A few more pics at spitbubbles

PammyJean said...

Thanks, guys, for hosting -- we decided these fireworks were more impressive than the Rockies' attempt, 2 nights later.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!