Monday, July 10, 2006

Are Ya Gonna Miss Me?

Don't worry - I won't be gone for long. Just a few days! Ya see, I'm leaving EARLY Tuesday morning for Boston to attend the Microsoft World Wide Partner Event for worky. I said partner. Anyway, I'll be back late Thursday.

Oh, SNAP! As soon as I get back, I'm turning right around and leaving again! We're going to South Fork, CO for the weekend. Heh, yer not gonna hear from me for a LONG time!

Hmm, so what can I leave you with to get by?

Oh, OH! I know - how about some really cool videos?

YES! One for each day that I'm gone - just click for the date:

7/11: Tool, Sober

7/12: Morningwood, Nth Degree

7/13: Gogol Bordello, Not a Crime (Live)

7/14: Ben Stiller TRIPLE SHOT!

7/15: PJ Harvey, Mansize

7/16: The Hives (2-fer), Die Alright & Abra Cadaver

7/17 (cuz I'm not bloggin on Sunday night): FMTV Flashback!

That outta freak you out for a while!

OK, hope you enjoyed them and have a great week, yo!

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Bill Purdy said...

"Mansize" is a truly essential video, successfully distilling the "essence" of the performer in the most simple, direct manner possible: no props, no real "costume," just an incredible sexy (in a non-traditional way) lady staring into the camera and singing her song.

I dare you to look away when it's playing.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!