Monday, June 05, 2006

Stanley Cup Finals!

OK, so you probably saw my post about Bill in NC, but just as a reminder, I'm still doing some hockey writing even though the Avs are done. You can check out my Carolina Hurricanes Blog for MVN after each game, or keep an eye on the web site for the ongoing Stanley Cup Bloggers Roundtable Discussion.

Come on, it's the best time of the hockey season!


Bill Purdy said...

Hey, Dejo. How's your floor looking this morning? Mine's looking good. Clean.


(In all seriousness, though, bad break losing Roloson. If the 'Canes are gonna win this thing -- and I'm pretty sure they are -- I'd prefer they do it facing the best netminder in the playoffs. But I'll take it any way.)

DEJO said...

"Whatever It Takes", right? That's the Hurricanes slogan? I guess that includes paying off Bergeron to take Roloson out of the series. :mad:

Needless to say I am not a happy camper today. And once again my despising goalies that feel the need to play the puck behind the net is justified. I mean, c'mon, that's what your defensemen are for. Yeah, it was the defenseman Jason Smith who bobbled the puck and allowed Brind'Amour the wrap-around but Conklin should've been protecting the only side of the goal not covered in netting.

Squatchyk said...

It is a horrible break for the Oilers to lose Roloson. He was their team. It was a stupid move by Bergeron to push a player into Roloson. I still have faith that Edmonton will come out hard. I was really disappointed to watch sports center this morning and see just how the Canes scored the game winner.

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