Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Now THAT’S Class!

My lovely and adorable wife is taking a class on Excel. It’s an intermediate class that will certainly help her with the oil and gas accounting she’s doing right now, hence the company is paying for it.

So on Monday, she’s sitting in class next to her co-worker/friend/sister-in-a-cult-like-non-profit-organization, and they notice the guy sitting in front of them. He is your stereotypical computer geek – really tall and hunched over with messy hair and shirt that should have been thrown away 13 years ago. During the class, he makes a strange movement and sound that my wife and her co-worker/friend/sister-of-a-cult-like-non-profit-organization notice out of the corner of their respective eyes. He seemed to have lifted his leg and, well, farted. They are jolted back. They look at each other, look at him, look back at each other, and kind of shake their heads.

During a break, the ladies discuss whether this guy really farted, or if he was just shifting in the chair and the vinyl seat made a funky noise. However, after lunch, the geek kept lifting and farting – in a public place – with people around him – IN A SMALL SETTING!

Thus, your lesson in Social Behavior 101.

BTW, have you entered the new PAFC Contest yet? If not, go HERE or maybe even HERE for details! Hurry, ‘cuz you need to enter the sucker by 11:59PM on Wednesday June 14, 2006!


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

What? That is just nasty. No social skills what so ever eh? But I beg to differ on the cupmputer geek thing. Most computer geeks know how to work excel.

Pat Angello said...

Good point - my wife said HE was the one person who knew nothing and always needed help. Looks can be deceiving...

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