Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New PAFC Contest!

Ya know, after making all of those CDs for D Lee for winning the PAFC Fantasy Hockey Challenge, and checkin’ out some cool tunes in my car, I’m thinkin’ it’s time for another PAFC contest! Besides, my parents’ plane doesn’t get in until 11:30 now, and the hockey game just ended (W00T Billy, Ugh DeJo!) so I’m kinda bored. Also, I’ve come across an autographed "No Pants" Vance Johnson picture that I’m dying to send to someone.

So, the contest is, another Top 11 List! You know how much I love these, so have at it – be creative. To get you in the mood, here’s one I just uploaded to the MVN Comedy Page:

Top 11 Things That Can (Barely) Fit in Barry Bonds’ Helmet!

11) Uranus

10) J Lo’s Booty

9) Shaq

8) Hummer H1 White Limo

7) Oprah

6) David Caruso’s ego

5) The Airbus A380

4) Dolly Parton’s, um, girls

3) A blue whale

2) The stones of a Duke Lacrosse player

1) All the steroids he can ingest!

What are you playing for? Why a kick-ass autographed 8 x 10 of former Bronco Vance Johnson! Oh, and an all-new Pat Angello mixed CD called "In Yo Face!" Tracks are yet to be determined, but you can bet Jurassic that it will contain fun, down-yer-throat rock and roll, baby!

Deadline to submit is Wednesday, June 14th at midnight MST. The winner will be announced on Friday, June 16th. Email your entries to for consideration.


Bill Purdy said...

Here's your chance to feel a bit better about things, Dejo. There's nothing quite like the taste of victory in a PAFC Top 11 contest (I should know; I won the other one).

As for your support of The Oil, you can't possibly feel worse about things than the guys at Covered In Oil. I cannot fathom the depths of their pain, but that liveblog post gives me a pretty good idea of what it must be like for you.

Bill Purdy said...

Hmmm... Top 10 Edmonton Oilers Alternate Goalies, maybe?

11. Tommy Salo
10. Emilio Estevez
9. Georges Laraque
8. Chef Boyardee
7. Manon Rhéaume
6. Pepe Le Pew
5. Larry Canada
4. Eric Cartman
3. Sandy Duncan
2. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
1. Jeff Deslauriers

Bill Purdy said...

Aggh! I meant Top 11!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!