Sunday, June 04, 2006

In Case You Were Wondering...

...This "expansion" MLL team called the Denver Outlaws is for real. Oh, sure, you thought that their 24-14 victory over the expansion Chicago Machine and their 15-11 victory over the expansion San Francisco Dragons (stop it, I’m a dragon!) didn’t prove anything. That’s fine. I’ll go along with that. However, Saturday’s win over the defending MLL champion Baltimore Bayhawks was no joke, and I witnessed it in person – from the front freakin’ row!

My beloved Outlaws found themselves down five minutes into the second quarter by a score of 6-2. The team looked way out of synch, maybe even nervous as they played the first real team they face this season. Then something clicked. Maybe one or two of the FIVE former Bayhawks that now play from Denver realized that these guys on the other side of the field were just another team? Maybe coach Jared Testa made a critical defensive adjustment? Maybe Denver just started to find their groove? Whatever is was, the Outlaws took control and headed to the locker room up by a score of 8-7. The crowd of 10,000+ (second highest in league history just behind the Outlaws attendance record of 13,000+ set on opening day) showed their new heroes how much the effort was appreciated.

In the second half, the Outlaws made the Bayhawks look absolutely pathetic. Phenomenal defense paired with great ball movement and precise shots turned this game into another 24-14 laugher.

Denver leads the league in scoring, 2-point goals, and is tied for second in goals against (among teams that have played three games). They have recently picked up a few more great prospects in last weeks draft, and they look to do nothing but get better in the weeks ahead.

I’m here to say, I love this sport, and I love this team. I don’t even care if we win or lose, I just have a ton of respect and appreciation for these guys who still have day jobs, yet they come out every weekend and work their asses off for a minimal paycheck. Top pay is $24K, most players make less than $18K. No millions implied here! So I’m telling you right here, right now – at $14.50 per seat, THIS is the best value for your entertainment dollar in Denver over the summer! There’s another game this coming Saturday at 7:30PM as the Outlaws take on the Dragons again. Join KT and I at Invesco Field at Mile High as we cheer on Denver’s newest and most exciting sports franchise!

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Bill Purdy said...

You know I'd be sitting next to you for every game if I still lived there.

btw, the new image in your header is broken.

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