Monday, June 12, 2006

Come ON Now!

Seriously, People - are you gonna just sit there and let Billy win another PAFC contest?

It's really simple - just create a top 11 List about, ya know, ANYTHING and email it to and you’re in!

Best one wins:

1. An autographed picture of "No Pants" Vance Johnson
2. A PAFC All New CD called In Yo Face!
3. An Autographed Puppet Flier by yours truly

I mean, how cool and easy is that? In case you need the motivation, here's a scan of the Vance Johnson picture:

How on earth did I come across this? Well, I got really lucky! I was in 7-11 with the picture in hand, and Vance just happened to be there cleaning the Slurpee machine! He was shocked and amazed that someone actually recognized him, but the hip flat top was a dead giveaway. Then he started blabbing about how he made Elway, blah, blah, blah...

What? More? OK, here's what's on the CD:
Click it to make it, ya know, readable!

I'm TOTALLY expecting emails! This contest is open to all, but I will absolutely, positively stop taking entries at 11:59PM on Wednesday, 6/14/06.

***One more way to get the CD - just purchase ANYTHING (we're talking even a $3.00 sticker!) from the PAFC Merchandise Site with the all new kick-ass logo, or the dorky PAFC Merchandise Site with my face all over everything, and I'll send you a copy! THAT deadline is 6/30/06...

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Collin said...

Fine. Just remember you asked for it.

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