Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Links!

Hey, bored at work? Hit my "Pat Angello Lurks Here Daily" section and check out some new links!

Dom & Jane Blog:
My favorite morning DJ's go goofy in text and sound bites.

I Talk Too Much:
A place for young ladies to bitch, um, more!

It's Better Than Bad-It's Good:
A strange artist I found through Collin's site.

MySpace Deaths: Yep, people with MySpace accounts who have recently died. Mostly stupid kids. YAY! Actually, I find it eerily fascinating.

Odd Todd: What I should have been doing when I was unemployed!

Screenhead: This site is YouTube and picture happy. Anyone who links to an old Devo commercial for Honda Scooters is OK in my book!

The Show with Ze Frank: Something DeJo sent me. This cat basically gives a quick hitting, 5-minute video post every day and it's pretty damn funny. Not always work safe though...

Go on, click 'em!

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