Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Weekend Movies!

It’s been a while since the lovely KT and I have taken in a movie, so we hit 2 during this extended weekend.

Da Vinci Code: I liked it, but I didn’t absolutely love it. I enjoyed the book, but I guess I have an issue with stories where I already know the outcome. In other words, I just wanted Anakin to turn into freakin’ Darth Vadar as soon as possible. Hanks was mediocre, but Howard did a good job of using flashbacks to tell as much of the long story as possible. And I totally knew Mary and Jesus were married and had children already. Where do you think the Jesus and Mary Chain came from?

I’d say about a C+

X-Men Last Stand: Right, last my patootie! Anyway, I think the whole X-Men franchise has put together the most entertaining set of films in a long, long time. This one comes close to the first two, but doesn’t quite top them. I still think the second one was the best, but there are some great things in this film. There’s also some lame dialogue, but what can you do? I know what you can do – not leave the theater until the scene at the end of the credits!

I’m going with a B+

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