Sunday, May 21, 2006

I Love You, MLL!

Anyone that knows me has heard me talk about how Denver needed an outdoor lacrosse team - I’ve literally been calling for it for years. Then the Colorado Mammoth arrived last year as an INDOOR team, and attendance went through the roof. This year, thanks to Saint Pat Bowlen, the Denver Outlaws of the newly expanded Major League Lacrosse arrived in town bringing outdoor lacrosse to my city. I thought I might be alone in wanting this team here, but 13,000+ other people at Invesco Field at Mile High last night proved me wrong. NHL? I think we should take a break.

OK, here’s the deal. Avalanche tickets are way too expensive, and nobody really wants to go anymore. I had more trouble selling my extra tickets this year than ever before, taking a hit on the cost many times. So, because we’re trying to save money, I am not renewing. Besides, the entertainment value is in the toilet at the Pepsi Center as whoever is in charge of putting on the rest of the show simply doesn’t seem to care anymore. How many times can you play Metallica during one game? So, after consulting with my wife, though my mind was already made up, I thought we’d buy some lacrosse tickets. Ya know what? After one game, I can already tell that this was a fantastic investment! Here’s a little comparison between the two sports:


Avalanche = $3256 for the season (44 games, we attend about 2-3/month and lose money trying to sell the others, and we sit in level 3 in the corner)

Outlaws = $179 (6 games, front row baby!)


Avalanche = Same music every game, including about 10 Metallica songs (I’m not exaggerating), no fun videos during the game, no creativity on between-period promotions and entertainment. They’ve simply let everything slack.

Outlaws = Lots of great music, cool videos throughout, thanking of visiting goaltender by the entire crowd whenever he lets in a goal, fun contests between quarters on the field.


Avalanche = OK, so I love hockey. A goal in hockey is the equivalent of a sports orgasm. The new rules have opened everything up, so I’ll always be a fan.

Outlaws = More scoring and fast paced action. Great hits too!


Avalanche = Someone get me a tissue for my bleeding nose way up here where people never get the little prizes that fall from the blimps. "Look high above my head?" I think you mean way below my feet.

Outlaws = Front freakin’ row, baby! That’s right, I can almost reach the visiting team’s Gatorade bucket.


Avalanche = HAHAHAHA! All KT wanted was one stinkin’ autograph from her favorite hockey player ever, Teemu Selanne, when he was on the Avalanche for just one season. She had a better chance of playing UNO with George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden on a space shuttle.

Outlaws = Players and coaches from both teams shake hands on the field and then immediately walk over to the crowd, sign autographs, thank you for coming, ask you if you had fun, tease the little kids, and generally tell you they love you back.

What can I say? I’m all in! This league is only 5 years old, founded by Jake (Body by Jake) Steinfeld and Denver set a new attendance record last night. I feel like I’ve gotten in at the ground floor at Google! You need to go, because you’ll love it. The guys will love the action and toughness, the ladies will love the warriors on the field (not to sound, ya know, gay or anything, but some of these guys are pretty good lookin’! Suddap, Purdy!), and the kids will love getting to talk with the players after the game. I’m just bummed that I have to wait until June 3rd to go back!


Danny said...

As an ex ticket holder myself. you'll miss getting there early for warm ups, the chill in the air and the roar of the crowd. You will not miss the costs (add in parking, food and drinks per game and your total is hovering around $200 per evening. Did you really want those hot dog anyway pat? You will not miss trying to get out of the lots after the game on a cold winter night. My suggestion, get HD coverage and have some friends over. Game on.

Pat Angello said...

Danny - the only thing about lacrosse that bugged me was the crowd was a little quiet. Then again, so is the crowd at the Avs game, unless they are being forced to make noise by the horrible music. Hockey is much better on TV, and cheaper too!

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