Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The "Entertainment" Industry Scares Me!

Here are a few recent headlines:

Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore Party in Iowa: What, were they eating loose meat sandwiches with Roseanne? I’ve been to Iowa, and there’s not much partying going on there. However, I did see a few 10-year-olds rent porn and then take off in a van. Oh, and my roommate in college was from the little town of Whiting Iowa and he had a small part in Children of the Corn, as it was filmed there. Heh.

Paris Hilton Plans Reggae, Hip Hop Album: Seriously. Not like you need any help with this one, but here’s a quote by the brain dead spoiled scif:

"The whole album has so much different music on it. I like all music. It's not like I only like pop or only rock. I want to have something for everybody."

Someone needs to kidnap her, shave her head, take away every single possession she has, stick a toilet scrubbing brush in her hand, and make her survive on $6.00/hour. If she can do that for a year, I’ll have some respect for her. My guess is she’ll be dead in a week.

Prince Is Voted 'Sexiest Vegetarian': Um, not sure where to start here. First, the guy is a creepy little fembot! Second, Sexiest VEGETARIAN? I want to know who the sexiest dairy consumer is. No, the sexiest Netflix customer! No, wait – the sexiest hybrid car owner! Yeah!

Attention PAFC readers! Please, please, PLEASE! Turn off your TV, throw away your celeb mags, and spend some time outdoors this summer! Trust me, you won’t miss anything!


Princess Katy said...

Don't be dissin' Iowa my friend!! Some damn good people come outta Iowa!!

Anonymous said...

WOW, calling Paris a SCIF... now that's hitting below the belt... :)

Pat Angello said...

No apologies until I know who left the comment! Like anyone knows what it means...

Tony LaRocca said...

One of my favorite South Park episodes deals with the Paris Hilton phenomenon: "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" The title says it all. Thank's for the link, btw!

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

SCIF Socialite celebrity I Fu* Slutty celebrity I FU* Stupid Celebrity I Fu*?

Can we please send De*mee Ahton and Paris to an Islan far away. All we have to tell them is that they will be playing for big bucks on celebrity island. First we would have to castrate Ashton so they would not breed.

Prince needs to get over himself and make music like he used to do.

Ole Blue
The Judgemental Heretic ;-)

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