Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Attention Da Vinci Code Protesters:

Um, well, ya see, IT'S A MOVIE! IT'S FICTION! Get off your religious high-horse and, for the love of God, let people enjoy a BOOK (God forbid some of us read a book instead of going out and playing violent video games)! You already got the Book of Daniel, one of the best written shows ever to see only 3 episodes, cancelled without even WATCHING it! Now you're going after a book, that you probably haven't even read, that's being turned into a movie featuring a great actor, great director, and something many people have never seen - the inside of the Louvre! We all know it's a made up story based on an odd theory, so quit insulting our intelligence by trying to TELL us we are too easily led to handle such a film. Just reading the book, you could tell that it would make a fun film, and now you freaks have to go out and raise a stink. Go feed the homeless or spend some time raising money for cancer research - do something PRODUCTIVE with all of this time you apparently have on your hands.



Pat Angello


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I just love it that some people who believe whole heartedly in certain myths are yelling at others who beleieve in another set of myths.

I will stick to logic and science.

DEJO said...

Pat, it's the "Louvre"... ;-)

PammyJean said...

And to those devout Christians who are getting their panties in a bunch over this (who aren't reading this blog anyway, most likely), I say:

It's called FAITH.

Even when your eyes tell you it can't be true, when you can't find any evidence to support what you believe, when you're the only one around who thinks what you're saying could be right, you stick to your beliefs. You read the book, think, "Huh -- there's a lot of interesting points in there." and then you continue to believe. Faith. Doesn't have to be exclusive of enjoying a good read and (I'm guessing) a great movie).

Derek Knight said...

just remember: they have to buy the book to burn it.

Drivin' up sales as we speak...

Princess Katy said...

Loved the book, can't wait to see the movie. I believe in God and Jesus and the whole story, not too worried that those beliefs will change any. Really don't understand all the hub bub.

Heather said...

I loved the book - read in it one night, couldn't put it down. I'll be at the movie opening night. It's just a story, nothing to get freaked out over. These people have to have something to whine about...

DEJO said...

Came across this and it is my favorite review of The Da Vinci Code:

"1. People will believe anything, and if they’re foolish enough to base their faith on a fictional novel written by an author with only limited talent, then they get what’s coming to them. Based on the description, what’s coming to them is Scientology, but you get my point."

Review of The Da Vinci Code

P.S. Loved the novel. Looking forward to the movie!

Pat Angello said...

OBH - Amen!

D to the Joe - I even looked it up and STILL misspelled it! Guh! I will fix. And thanks for the review!

PJ - Are you saying you can think for yourself? Amazing!

Derek - Always looking on the bright side.

PKT - You said hub bub.

H - EXACTLY! It's a story, like 98% of the movies in theaters!

Collin said...

I started reading it a few days ago, although there's no chance of finishing it before we go see it on Friday. I'm wondering if we will have many protesters? I would take my camera to chronicle the (potential) event, however theaters frown on that.

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