Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another PAFC Contest Winner!

OK, so yer probably wondering, "When did the PAFC have another contest?" Well, you gotta hand it to this winner for his stick-to-it-iveness. Or, stamina/longevity. Wow, that sounds a little wrong! Either way, the winner of the first annual PAFC Fantasy Hockey Challenge is D Lee of AZ! Even with Dejo on his tail all season long, Mr. Lee had the right players on his team and handily won the league. For this amazing feat, ol' D has won himself a full set of PAFC CDs, including:

  • The Best Weird Al Ever
  • The Best Devo Ever
  • The Best Hives So Far
  • The Best Radiohead Ever
  • Spooboy's Greatest Hits Volumes 1-3
  • Make the Girls Scream!

Not only that, but he gets to walk around Phoenix displaying his accomplishment on a shirt with the following graphic:

Congrats, D Lee - you ROCK!

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