Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lefty Ablaze!

Um, not THERE! Phil Mickelson scored a ridiculous 28-under 260 total at the BellSouth Classic this weekend. That’s like only 1 stroke away from the greatest 72-hole total in PGA Tour history! Um, hello? Golf? Anyone? Okaaayyy.

Um, Pamela? Time to SHUT UP! Pam Anderson is whining about Nova Scotia hunting seals or something – like anything that comes out of her mouth ever makes any sense. OK, so I agree that seals are much cuter when they are NOT bludgeoned to death, but so was she before she put in those ridiculous looking implants and lips and stuff. In fact, I’m thinking it’s time to start and organization called PETS – People for the Ethical Treatment of Silicone. That’s right – I’m boycotting all strippers and porn stars who flaunt their completely fake boobs because they look like someone slipped a 20Q into their chests. Imagine, a plastic girl complaining about chickens on steroids. As if!

That’s about all for today. Well, unless you want to reed my Random CD Review on my music blog. Today’s review is of the CD Good by a band called Morphine. To read it, just click HERE.

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