Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Few More MN Pics...

There's Jenny and I not quite ready for a picture, but hanging out at Grammy's apartment.

That's KT's mom Nancy (Nana) and Jenny's mom Melody taking inventory of Grammy's nick-knacks.

That would be Jenny's dad Carl and sister Jodi.

Grammy chillin' at her pad, yo!

Jenny? Drinking? I-I never thought I'd see that! Can you smell that? That's sarcasm!

Jodi and Jenny trying to take a nice sister picture, then Katy's sister Julie had to jump in. I'm guessing she thought it was a picture of everyone whose name started with a "J"

Aren't we adorable? What the hell with Julie again?

Grammy welcoming her friends to the party. I think was the point where Jenny and I started to play "Wig or not a Wig."

Melody made this lovely quilt to keep Grammy's legs warm. Isn't that sweet?

Nana and her mommy!

That would be Julie's son Benjamin and his cousin once removed Jessica. Her birthday was on Easter, which is the same holiday I was born on. Something tells me she doesn't trust Benny...

Julie and her other son George. He was so tired at dinner he was literally eating with his eyes closed!

Katy's brother John and his daughter Alysse, AKA niece Alysse. We had been waiting about 45 minutes for dinner after the kids got theirs, so we were all a little grumpy.

I have no clue who these people are - may not have even been at our table - but I LOVE the look on that woman's face!

Grammy opening her presents. Katy gave her that scrapbook and had everyone write a little not to her on a small piece of paper. She'll later put it all together with pictures so Grammy has a great keepsake for her 95th.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming starting tomorrow.

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Collin said...

My daughter is kinda like Julie. Unless she's the one with the camera, she wants to be in every picture.

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