Tuesday, April 18, 2006

...And We're BAACCKK!!!

KT and I have returned from our trip to Fergus Falls Minnesota! Oh, and did we have fun! So much fun, that I've got pictures for ya!

We went to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport via St. Louis. Hey, you can't argue with free tickets thanks to the vouchers we got for self-bumping when we went to NC. Anyway, for some reason, the idiot at the gate in STL kept calling it Mini-AN-Apolis when we were bording the plane. I know it's not that funny, but it gets better.

We were in Fergus Falls to visit this cute little lady for her 95th birthday. This is KT's Grammy, and she's as sharp as a tack. she knows everyone's name, and there were about 35 of us visiting her this weekend! Also, apparently, she likes to be tickled.

In the hotel, there was an entire magazine about Fergus Falls! So, just for you, I brought one home and scanned some pics out of it so you would see (almost) exactly what you missed! Oh, and if you click on the images, they grow like my belly in a starch-filled environment!

Hey, it's the Fergie Falls Mayor! Even his email address! Why don't you send him an email and tell him how much fun we had in his little town?

Oh, we played alright! And if you look closely on the bottom right picture, you can see the giant otter statue!

Muttin bustin' kicks ass no matter where you live!

They even have trails for one-legged kids to hop down!

Does it get any better than the Fleet Farm? I don't think so! In fact, that silo right there is filled with all the raw grain you can stomach for just $4.95!

OK, everybody off the floating Lego! OH, that reminds me, we went to the Mall of America and got to see Lego Land! WOOT! That place is, ya know, BIG!

Do you see that? That's downtown Fergus Falls! Don't blink...

Got any plans for early September? Great - then come to FF for the 53rd Annual Lake Region Pioneer Thresherman's Association Show! They have tractors and stuff!

Sorry kids, but there's no escaping the gawky teen years - even in MN!

Mike Tice is still trying to recover from the Vikings Love Cruise.

Wow, they teach the kids how to be pervy little peeping Toms early!

Is it just me or does this kid look bored out of his freakin' mind?

There was a terrible toxic waste accident in the Otter Tail River. Oh, and they have a street called "Goose Drop Drive!" Heh!

Frostbite Festival? Um, NO THANKS! I like my limbs, even my alien toe.

OK, so that's it for FF - but here's some more little pics!

Hey, it was Melody's birthday too! She's Katy's cousin, and the mommy of Jenny who picked us up at the airport and let us stay at her place on Thursday. Hell, Jenny was our cabby all week long!

It's the whole fam damily! Can you find me? Oh, and see the little girl in the purple in the front? She's a DIRECT cousin of Melody above. Yep, a 50-year difference! They've got some effed up generations in this family... BTW, Jenny is just over the left shoulder of the guy in the striped shirt - I have no idea what his name is, but I'm sure Grammy could help me.

Aren't we cute? That was at Grammy's birthday dinner!

OK, so that's about it for now - I will post some more pics and better stories later. However, I did want to tell you that on our way back, as we sat waiting to board the plane from STL to Denver, we heard an announcement over the loud speaker:

"OK, final boarding call for American Airlines flight 5335 from St. Louis to Mini-AN-Apolis..."


Dody's World said...

Uh oh, I also say Minnie-An-apolis. I don't know why - it gets stuck there (but I am not from St Louis). We call it Minnie-Soda here too. ;-)

Collin said...

Welcome home!

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The Normals said...

I grew up in Fergus Falls. You have to live there to appreciate it. I know it can be boring.

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