Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Unit, CBS Tuesdays

Many people are saying, "If you love 24, you’ll like the Unit." Granted Dennis Haysbert was introduced to many through his role of the president on 24, but the guy can certainly carry his own TV show. Oh, and I LOVE this new show!

Haysbert plays Jonas Blaine, leader of a "covert team of Special Forces operatives as they risk their lives on undercover missions around the globe." His booming voice and authoritative demeanor make him perfect for this role. The Unit includes Jonas, Colonel Tom Ryan (Robert Patrick), Mack Gerhardt (Max Martini), Charles Grey (Michael Irby), Hector Williams (Demore Barnes) and new recruit, Bob Brown (Scott Foley). The stories follow the operatives in breathtaking missions, but also gives you a up close and personal look at what their families go through at home, worrying and waiting for their husbands to come back alive. Jonas' wife, Molly (Regina Taylor), comforts and counsels the other wives as they cope with their husband’s job. Molly and Tiffy Gerhardt (Abby Brammell) help Bob's pregnant wife, Kim (Audrey Marie Anderson), through the adjustment period of her new life. Tiffy is hiding a secret from her husband Mack, and there is a reason why the commander always keeps him in the field.

I’ll tell you; this show is VERY entertaining and really keeps you on the edge of your seat. There’s enough information above to let you jump right in for the next episode, and you will certainly love the action, characters, and writing. Well worth your Tuesday night! Besides, the "I just said 'Unit'" jokes never get old!

5 out of 5!

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