Monday, March 27, 2006

Please Join Us?

The Marines – the few, the proud, and just about ANYONE now a days! A 78-year-old woman received a recruiting letter from the Marines. "I couldn't believe it," Sonia Goldstein said. "My girls were sitting here ... we were in hysterics, we laughed so hard." By "my girls" she was referring to her breasts that were sitting on her lap. They also get a special tray on her walker.

So, how DO you have fun in Wyoming? The mayor has an idea – a pothole patrol contest! All citizens have to do is report their street to the city. Whichever street has the most (and biggest) potholes, they get moved up to the top of the priority list to be fixed. The other 3 streets in Wyoming will just have to wait.

Geez, pouty boy! A man in India lit himself on fire and burned himself to death when his wife refused to serve him meat for dinner. A PETA rep said, "We need more jobless alcoholic leaders like this. But now he’s dead, so, um, forget it. But YAY for him!" Wow, I need a job NOW!

What are you wearing? Me too! A survey in London revealed (pun intended) that up to 1/3 of the people of London make phone calls in the nude. Not surprisingly, mostly men. Note to self – never try "What are you wearing" joke when talking to a Brit.

You know what Monday means? It means Random Review Monday on the PAFC Music Blog. Mmm – Sugar Cubes!

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