Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lady Looks Like a Dude!

A lesbian was named homecoming KING in Maryland. Jennifer Jones beat out 3 men for the title at Hood College? I’m sure she’s a popular person, so why didn’t she just run for queen? What exactly was she trying to prove? Anyway, you really don’t want to see who won queen.

Since we’re talking about preposterous happenings. A minor league hockey team in Georgia gave away bobblehead dolls of the runaway bride. Do people still go loopy over these things? I thought her 15 minutes of fame were over when I saw the video of the cheerleader on the stretcher, which I’m tired of already.

A guy walks into a bar and gets lucky without meeting anyone. Welcome to London where you can buy sex toys in vending machines at bars. Or pubs, whatever. Anyway, if yer in London and hoping to get a little frisky, go to a pub. Even if you don’t hit it off with anyone, you’re bound to take home a little something at the end of the night. And you won’t even need a shot later.

Barney Fife LIVES! A deputy who is a firearms instructor accidentally shot himself in the leg. Just before it happened, he said, "Now, Andy. Here’s what you DON’T want to do with the gun.”" Nothing like learning from an expert.

Let’s go robbing!

See? Any idiot can (almost) rob a bank!

Just take the damn money! A man got a speeding ticket in a speed trap and sent a check in for payment. In the memo of the check, he wrote "For Speed Trap" and the mayor refused the payment. Come on, it’s not like he’s protesting at an abortion clinic or anything!

Can I use your phone? A man in Ohio has been charged with making 2600 obscene phone calls! If this took place in Colorado, I’d probably have a good guess at who it was. Anyway, my theory is he made them because he lived in Licking County.


Sus said...

Oh I got a another good one for ya:

Here in Albuquerque a woman lost her purse at a casino. The purse was found and while security was looking inside for an ID they discovered a crack pipe and crack cocaine! Needless to say when the woman came to reclaim her purse she was arrested. Opppsie, guess I shoulda left the crack at home! *ROFL*

Princess Katy said...

That "Queen" pic is going to give me nightmares!

PammyJean said...

Someone sent me the Tabooboo story yesterday. First thing I did? Look to see if I could get in on a franchise opportunity here inthe States. Alas, no. So much for being the land of opportunity.

Bill Purdy said...

The drag queen picture damaged me.

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