Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's Pretty Tasty!

So is it organic bacon? A farmer in Germany fed the corpse of his neighbor to his pigs. Um, yuck! That is beyond sick and wrong! Then again, we eat pigs so...

Nobody wants to see that anymore. For reasons unknown to mankind, there is a sequel to Basic Instinct coming out soon. Heck, it’s only been 14 years. And yes, Sharon Stone is in it again. Oh, and she will be naked again. Now that she’s pushing 50, I’m not exactly thrilled. Besides, the original movie was pretty lame anyway. The only reason people went to see it was because she exposed her hoo-ha. Seeing her naked now with her ta-tas hanging down to her hips isn’t exactly getting anyone hot. And have you seen the atrocity that is her hair in this film? Whatever happened to bangs?

Maybe he’s sleeping – still. A man spent 3 days dead in his car on the side of a busy highway before someone finally noticed him. Don’t you normally look inside a car on the side of the road when you pass by it to see if there is someone inside that needs help? I guess you don’t in Canada. After all, Todd Bertuzzi is from there.

Women drivers! A woman in England was filmed driving without any hands as she was putting on make up. Yep, one hand had a mirror, the other held an eye pencil. And this was on a road that is notorious for accidents. I think she was originally from Arizona.


Collin said...

Have you ever seen 'Snatch'? There's a lengthy scene that discribes just how useful a pig farm can be to a person needing to be rid of some bodies. It offers up a math formula and everything.

Collin said...

Ahhh! I thought you meant the woman driver had no hands at all. Made me think of the movie 'Titus' and a car commercial:

"Our steering is so smooth you can even use twigs if you need to!"

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