Monday, March 06, 2006

Finally - Some Content!

Kosher McDonald’s? Tel Aviv is changing the McDonald’s backdrop from red to blue to promote the kosher food available at Mc D’s in Israel. Oh, and they claim to have the best Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit in town!

Jessica Alba says, "Get me off!" The blatino hottie is on the cover of the latest Playboy magazine. However, the pics of her in the magazine show her in a bikini and were acquired by Playboy from her 2005 film "Into the Blue." She claims this was done without her permission and her presence on the cover is misleading the public into thinking she’s nude in the magazine. But she’s not. And that makes me sad because she’s on my list.

SAST lives! Well, sort of. A Canadian company is promoting a a 60-second film contest aimed at cell phone users. Hey, here’s one:

THAT was from a little film by my brother and I called Split Nerves. There are more clips coming soon, and we may even sell the entire thing! C’mon, 72 minutes of wacky sketch comedy on DVD for $10? Who WOULDN’T want it? Besides, you’ll get to see Pat Angello as a quivering gay fan of Yanni!

Americans are stupid. No, really!

So, if you're getting this blog through FeedBlitz and you want to see the video, well, um, you kinda hafta click on the title of the entry to visit the blog on the web - then you can watch the vids! Kewl, eh?


Bill Purdy said...

Yes, Americans are stupid. But this is genius.

Must be Canadian.

Sus said...

So let me get this straight, because the sky is blue and blue is the flag of Israel this means a food is Kosher???? Man, I have got to stop trying to understand humanity!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!