Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Everyone Needs One!

A naked sculpture of Britney Spears, kneeling down on a bearskin rug, and birthing her bastard will be on display in the Capla Kesting Fine Art gallery next month. Because we all want to see the spawn of her white trash hubby popping through her pee-hole. Guh!

Yikes! A driving instructor in Connecticut is 93-years-old. He only passes people who drive 10 mph below the speed limit and leave their right turn signal on for 20 miles.

Um, doi! A 3-year-old climbed inside the chute of a claw-grabber toy machine and got stuck. Doesn’t he watch Appalachian ER on SNL? I wonder if his mom had to drive him in on the lawn mower. Anyway, he actually wanted to stay in there – the firemen had to yank him out. Mom was apparently flirting with the dough thrower at Godfather’s Pizza when it happened.

I said dough thrower.

Muslims are weird. A man apparently divorced his wife in his sleep. Yep, he said "talaq" (which translates to divorce) three times in his sleep, granting them a legal, though unwanted, divorce under Islamic law. He’s blaming the verbal gaffe on his sleep medication. Ah, so his doctor has the hots for his wife! It’s Islamic Desperate Housewives!

Random thought: If I hear the Pussycat Dolls song Beep one more time, something will have to be sacrificed. After hearing Lumps by the Black Eyed Peas, I didn’t think songs could get any dumber. Then I saw that will.i.am is involved in the stupid Beep song as well, leading me to the revelation that he is the root of all pop music evil.


Dody's World said...

uhm, Patrick... babies don't come out the pee-hole... maybe you should check out a book from the library. GUH! ;-)

Pat Angello said...

I wasn't really going for the technical term...

Bill Purdy said...

Hey, uh, you wouldn't, by chance, have a picture of that thing taken from another angle, would you? I'm looking for something to put in my foyer.

Heh. I typed "put in my foyer."

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