Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wanna Bet?

Anyone seen Janet Jones lately? A man in Wyoming lost $40K on the Super Bowl. Instead of paying up, he disappeared. Did he really bet on the Seahawks? Seriously? He told his wife he was going up into the mountains to clear his head after losing the dough, but I think he’s hunting whichever official was in the replay booth and let that "touchdown" by Roethlisberger stand. Either that or he’s "fishing" with Jack and Ennis.

I know y’all don’t have time to watch as much daytime TV as I do right now, but let me tell you what you’ve missed this week already:

  1. Ron Jeremy on Moral Court
  2. Maury’s Top 10 Most Outrageous Paternity Test Guests
  3. Every gay cowboy that ever walked the face of the earth popping up an any show that someone will book ‘em on
  4. Tyra Banks is deathly afraid of dolphins
  5. A guest on Tyra Banks’ show is deathly afraid of pennies
  6. Bob Barker has become one pushy and bossy SOB

And it’s only (almost) Wednesday! Oh, and I’ve had 2 interviews! Absolutely mind numbing!

I swear it’s not mine! A first-grade girl found 20 bags of pot in her locker. Right – not hers – whatever! When asked about it, she said, "Dude, seriously, I thought it was parsley!"

You are SO dead! An older couple decided to marry at a funeral home – where their original spouses are buried. John Franko and "Pushing Up the" Daisy Judy said they have grown accustomed to the place. Actually, I only touched on this article so I could use the "Pushing Up the" Daisy joke – sorry!

I guess somebody IS perfect! A 24-year-old bowler in Ohio rolled a perfect 900 in 3 games – only the eighth ever recorded. And his 15 minutes of fame is over.

Speaking of that, my boy Garet Johnson was booted from American Idol. Now I suppose he’ll head back to Wyoming to sing to the turkey, who doesn’t talk back like Simon does.

It’s almost FRIDAY! OK, not exactly, but Friday is coming – soon! And I’ve decided that I need to have a weekly, ya know, SOMETHING to get people (me, really) excited about this blog. So, make sure you tune in here Friday for the first in a weekly cool, um, thing that you can count on EVERY Friday! So, happy hump day, but come back on Friday. And tell all the bloggers you know! No, it’s not anything like Half Nekkid Thursday, but it will be fun. Just do it! Oh, and you can visit again BEFORE Friday because, ya know, I’ll have other stuff here. YAY! I’m excited! Can you feel it? UUuhhhnnnn! WOOT!


Bill Purdy said...

Um... help me out with the picture of Roenick (aside from the fact that it's pretty funny).

How did The Hedgehog do on Moral Court? Did he win?

Pat Angello said...

BP - JR is here because he's been named as one of the players involved.

RJ lost - he was suing an owner of a whore house because the guy was 'stealing' porn stars to be prostitutes and was 'cheapening' the porn business. Yeah, he had a snowball's chance in hell.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!