Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Here's Yer Sign

What’s in a name? My lovely wife and I drove around looking at houses this weekend. She asked me if I would be opposed to living on Butterwort Drive. Do people really make fun of your street name? I’ve actually seen men turn down the perfect house because of the street name. Well, according to the article I linked above, Psycho Path has been voted the wackiest street name in the US. I’m pretty sure most of my ex-girlfriends lived there. Anyway, Psycho Path beat out other great names like Divorce Court, Constipation Ridge, and Farfrompoopen Road. Heh!

Good luck. The owner of many strip clubs in the Midwest is running for school board in St. Louis. Yeah, the people in the Midwest LOVE that kind of thing! The company is actually based in Colorado. Maybe we need to pay him a visit and see what kind of platform he plans to running on.

You mean there’s something wrong with that? Some bonehead leader of a radical group made a speech about how to build a firebomb. That wouldn’t be SUCH a huge deal, but it came just hours after his group took “credit” for destroying a large apartment complex. That makes a lot of sense – we hate the government, so we’ll destroy the lives of others who have nothing to do with it. Do us all a favor – go after someone that we all hate. Please?

Bring in the strong arm! Some woman sued a Brazilian man for smacking her on the booty. He’s been sentenced to 4 years of house arrest! At least he didn’t kiss her.

There’s always room for Jell-o! OK, thanks to all who came to see m perform at Freak Train last night. That was MUCH better than that stupid Gong Show thing. Anyway, De-to-the-Jo filmed me again and hopefully I can get the performance on the blog soon!


Princess Katy said...

Princess Katy Blvd sounds like the perfect place to live!

Heather said...

I found an area down here where all the street names are versions on Heather...Heatherwood, Red Heather, Heather Glen...I want to live there!

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