Thursday, February 09, 2006

Grammy Schmammy!

The Grammy’s have got to be the worst awards show on the face of the planet. Ever since Jethro Tull beat Metallica for a HEAVY METAL award, I’ve completely given up on the thing. And you wonder why I have the PAFC Awards (coming soon!)?

But since we’re talking music...

He writes the songs! Barry Manilow’s new album, "The Greatest Songs of the Fifties," debuted at #1! Well, not the Billboard #1, but I know some people were excited.

OK, it was the Billboard #1. Again, I don’t want to sleep outside – especially in the snow.

Kelly Clarkson grabs a pair! The little cutie who won the American Idol competition a few years ago walked away with 2 Grammy’s last night. However, she didn’t thank American Idol. Is she a little too big for her britches? I said britches! Or did she just want to draw any more attention to her torrid affair with Randy?

Speaking of American Idol... The show apparently beat the Grammy’s in ratings Wednesday night. Well, yeah! I mean, would you rather watch Gwen Stefani’s water break, or Garret Jackson (the goofy cowboy from Wyoming) break in the water? I swear, he’s the only reason I give a smack about the show. Watching him break down and cry as this is the first time he’s ever been on a plane, and ever been at the ocean. Hell, I almost broke down myself!

On that note – watching Bono talk about the great artists that were up for Album of the Year, which U2 brought home, was very nice. Especially when he named Mariah Carey, Paul McCartney, Kanye West, and didn’t’ say a thing about Gwen Stefani, just made me chuckle! If you ask me, Holla Back Girl is just like an updated Mickey!

You can take the girl out of the trailer... Oh, Britney. I know the paparazzi love you, but take the extra 15 seconds and PUT THE KID IN A CAR SEAT! Guh!

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Princess Katy said...

Don't be dissin' Barry! You know I love him! And Neil too! And yes Billy, I love Ed, all 6'1 of him!! But baby, I love you the most!

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