Friday, February 10, 2006

Fun at Parties!

Oklahoma, where the girls go whistling through their toes! Seriously! A woman in OK can whistle with her toes. She couldn’t whistle through her fingers, so she tried to whistle through her toes. She discovered that she had this, um talent at the age of 14. Suddenly, she was the most popular girl in school.

Plop! A woman in Littleton Colorado (hey – that’s my back yard, yo!) gave birth to a baby in a public toilet. She was only six months pregnant, so the miscarriage was a bit of a surprise to say the least. She simply went to the restroom and the baby ended up in the toilet. She wrapped it in a towel and called 911. The baby was only 1.5 pounds and is relatively OK. The woman named the baby Nevaeh, which is Heaven backwards and only God knows how to pronounce it. I guess she could have named it Teliot.

Is THIS your stop? A bus driver in Philly grabbed a passenger by her hair, smacked her into a pole on the bus, and then kicked her out the door. Apparently the woman was upset because the bus driver missed her stop. The bus driver’s wife said, "Yeah, he gets that way sometimes. Don’t tell him I said that!"

So, what’s in the bag? A woman in Florida was caught with a human head in a bag. But wait – that’s not the strange part. She was charged with "smuggling a human head into the U.S. without proper documentation." Um, I didn’t know there was a proper way to smuggle a head into the country! Actually, I’m kinda glad I didn’t know that.

The kids these days, with the rock and roll music and the football! Iowa’s ultra-Republican legislator Clel Baudler is serious about stopping all of the Mary Jane use in Des Moines. His plan is to ban concerts and football games. Because, then the kids would never figure out where to get stoned.

Here comes Ken! The doll just got a makeover in hopes to win back Barbie. I think she’s switched teams by now. It doesn’t matter, because the Queer Eye makeover simply isn’t helping!

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