Thursday, February 09, 2006

Coyote Ugly!

Phoenix Coyotes’ Assistant Coach Rick Tocchet has apparently been running a gambling ring. It looks like the Great One and his trophy wife were involved as well. OK, so Wayne is claiming he knew nothing about it, but there are wire tap recordings that show him telling his wife Janet Jones what to do to not get caught. Go George W! Anyway, it looks like JJ didn’t listen as she has ALLEGEDLY made up to $500K in wagers in the last 6 weeks, including $75K on the Super Bowl. Hell, she even bet on the coin toss. And I’m willing to bet that she bet on Flip to Mexico!

I’m starting to think that may have thought this was just a little super model thing. Did Carol Alt bet on anything, other than her career? I have a feeling Janet was having so much fun that she’s got $25K on Moana to take the Bachelor (because her name is Moana), $30K on Jennipher and Ankur to win Beauty & the Geek2 (and boy was she sweating tonight...c’mon – she spells it with a PH!), and $100K on Misty Giles to win Survivor: Exile Island (only because she vaguely remembers drinking a Misty Giles in Hawaii once). And when will the 12 NHL players come to the front? In the sprit of the issue, I say we start a pool on who these players are. I’ve got $20 on Tie Domi and $50 on Mario Lemieux. Anyone have Tocchet’s cell number? Oh, I also want to lay $100 on the goofy cowboy from Wyoming to hit the top 12 in American Idol!

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Bill Purdy said...

I have but one question: where did you find that shot of Rick "The Mullet" Tocchet" with Frankie "No Chin" Goldberg? Effin' brilliant!

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