Monday, February 06, 2006

The Big Lame!

Yeah, so the "Super Bowl" was pretty boring. I didn’t really care which team won, I just wanted a good game and some entertaining commercials. I was pretty let down on the game, and only a few commercials were worth watching.

Going into the battle as a completely indifferent fan, though I was slightly leaning toward Pittsburgh because they beat my Broncos and I would have felt better, I am absolutely convinced that there was a conspiracy for the Steelers to win the game. I know everyone wanted Jerome Bettis to win a Super Bowl before he retired. Oh, and nobody ever gives a crap about any team west of the Mississippi. So Seattle had 90% of America against them. Then the refs turned on them as well.

The Seahawks completely controlled the first 25 minutes of the game. A lame push-off call on a Seattle touchdown in the first quarter led to a field goal and a 3-0 lead. Ben Roethlisberger finally got Pittsburgh moving, and made a great play on a 37-yard pass to Hines Ward to get the Steelers down to the 3 yard line. The Bus couldn’t get in on 2 tries, so Roethlisberger kept the ball and tried to squirt in himself. He didn’t make it, but the refs said he did. Then they reviewed it, and the announcers said they couldn’t tell if he made it in. I could, and he didn’t. It was clear that the only thing that came close to the goal line was his helmet, and the ball was tucked down around his chest. Somehow, the play stood as called. I have no idea!

Seattle missed a field goal near the end of the half that would have brought them within a point, and Coach Mike Holmgren argued with the officials on his way to the locker room. As well he should have. Honestly, that is the worst call I’ve seen in football, and I can’t believe that it was upheld after a review. Absolutely sickening, but it got worse.

On the second play of the second half, Willie Parker found an opening and was gone on a 75-yard touchdown run. But the Seahawks bounced back. Matt Hasselbeck drove down the field and set up a 50-yard field goal attempt by Josh Brown, who missed again.

Pittsburgh was driving and about to put away the game. It was 3rd and 6 at the Seahawks’ 7 yard line. I turned to the guy sitting next to me and said, "Watch this – pick it off and return it all the way." Well, former Bronco Kelly Herndon did pick off the pass and had clear sailing, but somehow got stopped at the Pittsburgh 20. Hasselbeck threw a TD pass to Jerramy “Big Mouth” Stevens and the Seahawks were back in the game.

The teams exchanged punts for the remainder of the quarter. Then Hasselbeck got hot and started moving the Seahawks down the field. At the Pittsburgh 19, Hasselbeck threw a strike for a TD, but AGAIN the play was called back – this time for a bogus holding penalty on Seattle. 2 plays later, Hasselbeck threw an interception. When he went down to tackle the DB on the return, Hasselbeck was actually called for "blocking below the waist!" Um, how can he be blocking when he’s making an effin’ tackle? I mean, wasn’t the interception enough for the Steelers without the refs adding a 15-yard penalty for nothing?

Now remember, I didn’t really care who won the game, but this call got me so pissed off that I actually got up and started pacing and bitching!

Later, Antwaan Randle El would make a great pass to Hines Ward on a reverse that put the game away. Great play to watch, indeed! But I saw a blatant hold when Pittsburgh was running out the clock that was not called. Oh, well!

Who knows what would have happened in a cleanly called game, and that was what frustrated me. The east coast bias overcame the officiating and this game was handed to Pittsburgh on a silver platter. I actually lost faith in the NFL during this game and I’m really not even looking forward to next year. I mean, is this the way it’s gonna be for Indy next year?

Alright, enough whining - let’s get on to the important stuff: the commercials!

First let me say, Jessica Simpson simply needs to go away. That Pizza Hut ad was completely lame and got things started on the wrong foot. But there were still some redeeming ads to keep us entertained.

Budweiser had some doozeys! The "hidden beer in the office" ad was OK, so was the "roof grill" ad. The "bear" ad was pretty good, so were "the wave" and the "streaker" as well. I loved the "magic fridge" ad, and we all applauded and got a huge kick out of the "barn" ad with the little Clydesdale pony.

I really enjoyed the Burger King ad with the dancing girls dressed as food. I wasn’t too sure at first, but when they started piling on top of each other, it made me laugh.

The Ameriquest ads were kinda fun. You can have a lot of fun when your tag line is "don’t judge too quickly." I liked both the "hospital" ad and the "flight" ad.

The FedEx ad with the cavemen was kinda dumb, and the Diet Pepsi ads were awful. Not as bad as the Diet Pepsi Machine ads from earlier in the season, but not much better either.

The Career Builder ads were OK. I liked the one with the asses in shirts and pants. The monkeys are getting a little old.

Michelob’s "tackle" ad was pretty funny, and so was Nationwide’s "Fabio" ad. Anytime you have an ad with Fabio, you’ve got comedy whether it’s intentional or not.

The Honda ad with Yosemite Sam and the mud flap girl was OK, and the MasterCard MacGyver ad was pretty good. Sprint "locker room" ad was kinda funny too.

The ads that really did nothing for me: Toyota Camry, Sierra Mist "airport" ad, Aleve "Mr. Nimoy" (beats the erectile dysfunction ads), Gillette Fusion (how many blades can you actually have?), ESPN Mobile,, Disney, United, Overstock, Ford "Kermit" ad, Dove "girls" ad, Cadillac "runway" ad, Sharpie "pirate" ad, Sprint "ringtones" ad, H3 "Lil’ Monster" ad, and that’s about all I care to mention.

Any thoughts?

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I missed the kickoff and didn't watch at all after the beginning of halftime. I'm amazed at your memory for the commercials though.

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