Monday, January 02, 2006

Well, THAT Didn't Last Long!

I'm pretty sure I just set a record for breaking a New Year's resolution the fastest. I had vowed to stop making fun of handicapped/retarded people - it lasted about 20 minutes.

We went to dinner on Saturday downtown with our friend Renee and a group of others. Afterwards, we stopped by a house party to see Michelle. Then, it was on to my brother's house where we played a few games of Scene It while munching on shrimp, cheese and crackers, and drinking homemade hard lemonaide - nummy!

As we neared the end of the second game (the music version where my brother Tony and his wife Michele won on a COMPLETELY bogus question), Michele suddenly said, "Oh, by the way, HAppy New Year!" It was already 3 minutes after midnight and we all raised our glasses in a toast.

When the game ended, we switched on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. Commercials ate up about 5 minutes, then we got to see host Hilary Duff lip-synch to one of her horrendous songs. A promo popped on the screen telling us which awful recording artists were coming up, but we kept watching. The Duff girl blabbed on for a few minutes and then said, "...and how cool is it to have Dick Clark with us tonight?" We all knew Clark had been ill for a while, not sure if he had a stroke or what. Then he came on the screen and could barely speak. He was slurring and could hardly move. A look of shock and horror came across all of our faces. Then, simply because my brother and I are horrible people, laughter. Lots of laughter and bad jokes started popping out of our mouths!

I know, I'm damned for hell. Trust me, it's been coming for a while. However, I will try to defend myself here just a little. Why the hell was he on TV? He was obviously in no condition to do the show, but for some reason he was there. When he tried to say "resolution" and it came out "regoolutim." Well, let's just say my brother and I have secured a suite next to Hitler.

Maybe next year I will make it at least a day before breaking my regoolutim?


Bill Purdy said...

There was a big uproar because, allegedly, the picture you posted here was Photoshopped -- that's a pre-stroke Clark who was pasted next to a picture of Duff and Seacrest.

But the consensus about his appearance on Rockin' New Year's Eve is that it was 100% Dick Clark's idea -- and DICK CLARK OWNS THE SHOW. That is, Dick Clark Productions owns it -- and let's face it, his is the only New Years' Eve show anyone bothers to watch, even today.

As unpleasant as it was for me to hear a stroke-addled "America's Oldest Teenager" struggling on national TV, many many many people found it inspiring. On the other hand, the scene at midnight when Clark haltingly accosted some blonde chick (while she resisted, as if suddenly realizing perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to stick her tongue in him) -- well, that was gross. And I rewound and watched it, like six times.

Bill Purdy said...

Hey... btw... I thought Scene It winning questions were All Play to Win questions. Which means Michelle's winning question couldn't have been bogus -- you had a chance to answer it, too, goofus!

Pat Angello said...

Now I really wish I was watching it at midnight!

FYI, the "winning all play" question was: "Stand up and do the hula." Seriously! KT was sitting on the floor with her legs under the coffee table, and I was in shock at the "question" in question. My brother stood up and started to wiggle his hips like he had a hula-hoop (you know, for kids!) around him, which wasn't really correct. But I was so pissed it didn't really matter anymore. We were in the all play section first and had a really tough question. Then we had the 3-question thing that we missed the last one on. I need revenge!

Bill Purdy said...

You're right. That is the MOST bogus Play To Win question EVER. Ridiculous.

How come every time I win that game (which is most of the time, actually), I get accused of having bogus questions, too? I think it's freakin' rigged, that game is.

yep, it's me.... said...

don't be silly, it's no crime to laugh at dead people

Pat Angello said...

He only LOOKS dead. Pretty sure he was a zombie.

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