Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Some People Like to Call Me Maurice!

Others like to call me a thug.

OK, so all Bronco fans had THE look when Mike Shanahan selected Maurice Clarett in the draft last year. Ya know, the same look we had when Dick Clark opened his mouth to speak the other night. (Dammit – there I go again!) Anyway, we all knew it was a "wasted pick" and the perennial problem child had about as much of a chance of making the team as, well, my grandmother did. And I don’t mean the one that’s still alive.

Clarett didn’t SAY much during his brief time as a Bronco, but he didn’t DO anything either. In fact, he spent most of the training camp and preseason nursing a slightly pulled groin.

(Oooo – that reminds me! Watching various bowl games this weekend as I took down Christmas decorations – not holiday decorations – I heard the best introduction of the worthless sideline reported ever. The play-by-play guy literally said, "Talk to us about Anderson’s groin, would ya Suzy?" And I was the only one home to enjoy it.)

Why was everyone so down on the youngster from, I guess, Ohio State? Well, after a phenomenal freshman year, Mo had some issues. He was suspended for the 2003 season after he was charged with lying to police about the value of items stolen from a car he borrowed. He tried to sue the university claiming he received all sorts of illegal gifts, but got nowhere.

Maurice then decided he would challenge the NFL ruling about age limitations for the draft. He lost and had to wait another year to be eligible. As he sat around doing nothing, he got another chance to impress the pro scouts at the NFL combine, an event where draft-eligible kids go to show their speed, agility, etc. Clarett showed up completely out of shape and basically failed the thing. He was even given an opportunity to get his own PERSONAL combine, but didn’t show up because he still couldn’t out-run a guard.

So Uncle Mikey did something completely stupid and drafted the kid. One guy on the radio said maybe Shanahan was hoping to use him as trade bait. However, Clarett couldn’t make the team and was booted in August after touching the ball twice in the preseason.

Why am I wasting time on this article? Because good ol’ Mo is back in the headlines – facing criminal charges for robbing two people with a gun in an alley behind a bar. Is he the Todd Marinovich of the 21st Century? His bail is set at $50,000.

I am so proud! All I can think is: How many second chances does he want?

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