Tuesday, January 03, 2006


YAY DeJo for winning the whole enchilada! Your gift package is in the works, if ya know what I mean!

And YAY ME! I finally won a week and get to print the certificate! The best part about my week of 13 correct? I beat Bill by 1 freakin' game! Let the gloating begin, even though he KILLED me on his Pick 'Em vs. the spread.

Here are the final standings:

NAME WK 16 WK 17 Total
DeJo 11 10 189
cuwho 12 10 183
LANGER11 12 11 171
patangello 9 13 163
wjpurdy 9 10 162
spoons 11 11 161
HeatherGIR7 8 8 158
dknight818 9 6 157
jerrilynnl 13 10 154
bigdan 9 8 152
frendon3 10 8 144
estarr 8 6 142
hulahakele 8 6 136
Barney21 8 6 136
PrincessKaty 6 6 134
wildjnet 9 10 132

The last logo = the Broncos' Super Bowl opponent in a month?

Same time next year?


dejo said...

Pat, that's high-larious that you didn't get your certificate until the last friggin' week. Talk about cutting it close.

As for me, I need to find a spot where I have enough room to display my SIX winning certificates! Hope I can find that kinda space...

dejo said...

Oh, wait. Make that EIGHT certificates! I just realized I got another certificate for being the PAFC Group Leader as well as one for being in the Top 25 overall. I may need to build an extension to my house to display all these! ;-)

Pat Angello said...

Ya know, I'd say something mean but I can't because you pretty much rocked! I was hoping you'd win the TV, but maybe next year.

Nice job, stinky!

Bill Purdy said...

My New Years' regoolutim is to make sure dejo finishes behind me in Superstar Hockey. Because the NFL gods certainly didn't look kindly upon me this year.

BTW... what the heck kind of Word Verification is this:


Took me longer to type that correctly than it did for me to type this comment.

Pat Angello said...

Ah - this is the shiniest "Certificate of Recognition" I have ever seen! Maybe it's just the paper I printed it on...

Derek Knight said...

I totally forgot to make my picks. Thank God I got 6.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!