Monday, January 30, 2006

I've GOT to be Kidding!

Gettin’ freaky! Yep, tonight is the night – FREAK TRAIN! So, if ya wanna watch me make a complete ass out of myself in front of 200 people, head out to the Bug Theatre on 37th and Navajo at 8PM Monday night, 1/30/06!

Also, good news for those of you who can’t ever make it to my Monday performances: I will probably start doing stand-up on Friday’s! There is a place called Kazmo’s that has an open mike night late on Friday – starts around 10PM. I’m not sure when I’ll get down there yet, but I’ll let you all know! Probably on 2/10/06.

Meanwhile, back to the blogedy:

Not another! Again, a well-written and entertaining show has been yanked. No, not Emily’s Reasons Why Not, because that show sucked like a Dyson on steroids. The Book of Daniel has been "dropped" but not canceled. What’s the difference? I have no idea. All I know is I was extremely disappointed when it wasn’t on last Friday. So the whiney conservative extra-right condemned the show without actually watching it – am I supposed to care? Hey, it’s on late, and if you don’t like it, there are 500 other channels with nothing on! Here’s what else you can watch:

  • NUMB3RS – did you know that this guy could tell you the probability of where your mucus will land when you sneeze? Yeah, he’s THAT good!
  • 20/20 – because it’s always so, you know, entertaining. If you’re in your 70’s. (No offense, mom and dad!)
  • (Insert mediocre 3-year-old comedy film here) on TBS.
  • Best Week Ever on VH-1 – watch "celebrities" (aka some girl who rode a bike in a Dentyne commercial once) make quirky comments about Lidsay Lohan’s new highlights. "She looks like a zebra with a boob job." FUNNY!
  • Meet the Barkers on MTV – no, not BOB Barker. But I’m sure the tattooed love boy will have no problem showing you his skinny microphone.
  • What Not to Wear on TLC – gay men are hilarious! Especially when they tell a pretty girl how trashy she looks!
  • Will and Grace on Lifetime - gay men are hilarious! Especially when they tell a pretty girl how trashy she looks!
  • MASH on Hallmark – because we haven’t seen every single episode 14,000 times already! I swear I can recite the dialogue in my sleep. Then again, Klinger could probably spend a little time on What Not to Wear.
  • The Daily Show with John Stewart – um, never mind.
  • What’s Happening on TV Land – hey, hey, hey, that Dee KILLS me!

OK, there are your choices. You could have watched a very well written show on NBC, or you could tune into garbage. NBC: We’re the next FOX!

There will be more later. For now, I hope to see you at the Bug Theatre tonight! Or, you can check out my OTHER blogs in the nifty new space I created on the right called, um, Pat Angello’s Other Blogs/Sites.

Oh, and an extra special thanks to Derek @ Son of Cheese for THIS post! I feel almost famous!



Bill Purdy said...

"Sucked like a Dyson on steroids!" HA!

Nice rant. Didja film the Freak Train performance? Didja? Didja?

TheIdleReceptionist said...

1. Good luck doing stand up!

2. Those helmets are awesome.

3. Don't knock Jon Stewart!

Pat Angello said...

Actually, I meant never mind because I couldn't think of anything bad to write...

Collin said...

Well, doesn't that just freakin' figure. Heather and I have a (unlikely) theory that it was killed by the depiction of lesbianism like a few other good shows appear to have been.

"Firefly": there was a scene where Anara "services" a woman. While not technically a lesbian, she does (if memory serves) tell Mal that she doesn't turn anyone away because of their sex.

"Wonderfalls": Her sister was a closet lesbian. The last episode to air was the one where her dad, who broke his leg at the beginning of the episode, later caught the sister making out with her girlfriend on the living room floor but was too drugged to realize what was up and later asks Jaye if she knew that their basic cable carried lesbian porn.

"Ellen": Elen "came out" on the show, had a girlfriend and in the last aired episode she was considering "taking her relationship with Laurie to the next level: marriage." Although that show wasn't cut short – 109 episodes – it does seem like an odd place to end.

"Will & Grace": Their last episode was... oh, wait... never mind. On that show it's gay men which is apparently TV friendly. I don't know. Maybe it's easier to market to gay men than gay women.

"The Book of Daniel": Daniel's sister-in-law was discovering her latent lesbianism. Although it's very hard to get the feel of a show after only four episodes, we were really getting into it. It also seemed that they skipped an episode because at the beginning of the last one, during the recap, they show a scene showing Daniel's gay son Peter and his (female) date backstage at La Cage aux Folles. Something that didn't happen in the previous episode.

It's just very, very weird.

And now, Pat, you're wearing dresses. It better not come out that you're a lesbian or your blog might get "dropped".

Pat Angello said...

What about the "popularity" of the L Word?

Heather said...

Collin stole my comment while I was toiling away at work! I'm just sick that they pulled Book of Daniel. I really liked that show! Stupid networks...

Maybe because The L Word is on cable?

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