Sunday, January 22, 2006

Grounded for Life on DVD!

OK, so you all know that I was a HUGE fan of the sitcom Grounded for Life. So, somebody from saw that I mentioned the show and contacted me about posting a press release for the DVD release of Season One. Well, heck yeah!

Megyn Price is a cutie - check out her interview about the show by clicking HERE!



December 13, 2005





All 20 Uncut Episodes Available On DVD

For The First Time Ever

Troy MI – On February 7, IDT Entertainment's Anchor Bay Entertainment and Carsey-Werner will release Grounded For Life - Season One , a skewed look at the traditional family sitcom, where the parents are as clueless as the kids. This is a comedy where the parents aren't Ozzie and Harriet and the children don't behave like the Brady Bunch! All 20 episodes will be included in a four-disc DVD collection with a suggested retail price of $39.98. Pre-order date is January 10, 2006 .

From the same company that brought you such award winning hits as 3rd Rock, Roseanne, The Cosby Show and That '70s Show, Grounded For Life ran from 2001-2005 (two seasons on Fox and three more on The WB). The program has a loyal fan base of young viewers who love the hip humor and cast that includes Donal Logue (The Tao of Steve), Megyn Price (Mystery, Alaska), Kevin Corrigan (Living in Oblivion), Lynsey Bartilson, Jake Burbage, Griffin Frazen and Richard Riehle (Office Space).

Sean (Logue) and Claudia Finnerty (Price) are in their early thirties and trying to raise a family of three in pleasant suburbia, while still holding on to their own youthful and wild ways. The Finnerty clan finds little help in the struggle for the good life from Sean's curmudgeonly father, Walter, (Riehle) and lazy brother, Eddie (Corrigan), both of whom create chaos at every turn. Grounded For Life – Season One uniquely explores the complications and comedy encountered when Generation-X tries to grow-up.

Season One Bonus Features:

Meet The Finnertys: Interview with Donal Logue.

Claudia - Not the Sitcom Mom: Interview with Megyn Price.

Life with Lily : Interview with Lynsey Bartilson.

Bloopers: An outrageous collection of outtakes.

Audio Commentaries: The cast and show creators (Mike Schiff and Bill Martin) discuss the evolution of the series.

Carsey Werner ( ) has been known globally for over twenty years as one of the leading independent television studios. With the current hit “That ‘70's Show”, classics such as “Roseanne”, “3 rd Rock From The Sun”, and “The Cosby Show,” and a library of enviable hits that include, “A Different World,” “Grace Under Fire,” “Cybil” and “Cosby,” Carsey Werner programs can be seen and heard in over 175 countries and in 50 different languages.

Anchor Bay Entertainment is a recognized name in home entertainment. The company offers an expansive selection of award-winning, notable theatrical films including “Time Bandits” and “Halloween,” classic television programming such as “Roseanne,” “3 rd Rock from the Sun,” “Three's Company,” “Highlander” and much of the Stephen J. Cannell library, traditional children's fare featuring the ever-popular Thomas & Friends collection and Mister Rogers Neighborhood, the impressive Manga anime line and chart-topping fitness titles including the "Crunch" and "For Dummies" series. Anchor Bay Entertainment is aggressively developing a wide range of original programs and concepts in addition to licensing existing brands and films.

Anchor Bay Entertainment is a subsidiary of IDT Entertainment. IDT Entertainment is a vertically integrated entertainment company that develops, produces, and distributes proprietary and licensed entertainment content.


Grounded For Life: Season One

Street Date: February 7, 2006

Pre-Book: January 10, 2006

Catalog #: DV13767

UPC: 0 1313 13767 – 9 1

Rating: Not Rated

Time Length: 460 Minutes

SRP : $39.98


Bill Purdy said...

Dude. You're my best friend. I read your blog every time you post something new, and sometimes even when you don't.

But I have never heard of this television show. Did it originally air on PAX or something?

Pat Angello said...

Then you obviously don't read everything. I have mentioned the show about 3-4 times. Megyn Price has won PAFC Awards in the past, and so has the show!

Collin said...

I loved what I saw of that show, but I didn't follow it from Fox to the WB. You say that it's "uncut", does that mean that there's bits of the shows that didn't originally air? Or just that they've kindly left out the commercials?

Heather and I were talking about "Grace Under Fire" a few weeks ago when we saw Brett Butler appear on an episode of "My Name Is Earl." Any idea if they are planning on releasing "Grace"?

Pat Angello said...

Not sure about Grace - I didn't watch it much. But I'd love to see Andy Richter Controls the Universe on DVD!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!