Saturday, January 07, 2006

Four Kings, Thursdays on NBC

OK, so I’m a fan of Seth Green. He was great on Greg the Bunny and just has a delivery of comedy that I appreciate. However, the rest of the cast is a little, um, unknown.

NBC is trying to bring back “Must See Thursday” by airing Will and Grace, Four Kings, My Name is Earl, and the Office in succession. That may be the only way this show survives, because I wasn’t exactly blown away with it.

Essentially, the show is about four childhood friends who are still very close. When one loses his grandmother but inherits her home, he asks the other guys to move in with him. Then his girlfriend tells him she thinks SHE should move in. Am I watching Three’s Company?

Your “characters” are very typical: the ladies man, the buff workout guy, the dumb stoner, the quirky guy. It’s almost like the creators wanted to hit you over the head with the character traits to take a lazy way out of developing the characters. In other words, this isn’t the next Friends.

I may give this show another shot, depending on what is running opposite (The OC for my wife, though we can record one). However, I’m not expecting it to improve much.

3 out of 5

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