Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Didja Miss It?

OK, for those of you who couldn't make it to Freak Train - either you had a prior engagement or you don't live anywhere near Denver - we have video!

Thanks to the lovely and talented Dejo, aka Cute Blonde Boy, here are links to my latest performance at the Bug Theater. Yes, I am in a dress lipsynching to a song by Morningwood called "The Nth Degree." My mother would be so proud!

(FYI, you need Quicktime to view.)




There will be more performances coming up in the future - some stand-up and such on nights OTHER than Monday. Ya know, like Thursday or Friday. Don't worry - I'll keep you all posted.

Newsletter coming tomorrow! Because I'm, um, unemployed and it's either write or clean the house.


Bill Purdy said...

Oh my. My oh my.

Patrick, you have hips.

Must... wash... eyes.

(thanks, Dejo!)

Derek Knight said...



that was funny.

Princess Katy said...

Sorry baby, but you will be cleaning the house tomorrow!

Pat Angello said...

Billy - Please tell me you're not, ya know, turned on by that.

Derek - Thanks! Someday you'll get to see that live - someday!

KT - Ya know, being unemployed is busy work! I've barely been home at all today. So much for blogging! Maybe I'll clean TOMORROW?

Heh - my word verification word is bewshzl - like Snoop Dogg...

Collin said...

And to think, you seemed almost normal when we met you. That was amusing. If you can ever arrange for a Friday night performance, assuming there isn't a blizzard or Godzilla rampage, Heather and I would love to attend.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!