Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cool Weekend - No, Really!

OK, so the Broncos lost today, and that kinda, ya know, sucks! However, this was a pretty cool weekend for me and Katy!

First, we headed to Colorado Springs this weekend on Friday afternoon. Katy’s father was inducted into the Colorado Music Educator’s Hall of Fame. He taught music at Smoky Hill High School for over 30 years! We went to dinner with him and his wife Carol, his brother Dave and his wife Lil, Carol’s brother and his wife (like I can remember their names – don’t you people know me yet?), Katy’s sister Mary, and Katy’s brother John and our niece Alysse. We then headed to the Broadmoor for the induction and a (really long) concert by the Air Force Academy band. The next day, we had brunch with the family at the Broadmoor. It was really nice!

Secondly, before we left town, we met up with Derek and his wife Heather, as well as Collin and his girlfriend (and Derek’s sister), um, Heather for pizza! It was really cool to sit and chat with blogger buddies we have never met in person before. We got there around 1:15 and stayed until about 4 – what a great time! But, like an idiot, I didn’t bring a camera. But I bet Derek posts something with a pic of Katy and me at Fargo’s Pizza Place. Oh, and thanks for lunch!

Third, I was contacted by an Internet marketing company that searched Blogger for people who were fans of the show Grounded for Life. I really liked the show, and they asked me to post a press release as the DVD of season 1 is on its way. So, click HERE to check it out, yo!

Finally, even though the Broncos lost, I had fun watching the game with my brother this weekend. We spent most of the game making fun of Phil Simms, the color analyst for the #1 CBS team along with Jim Nantz. Honestly, Simms has to be the biggest idiot on TV! If there wasn’t a 7-second delay, we would have put the radio on and muted the TV! But, on the bright side, I saw a web site searching for a Broncos writer. If you got check out’s football page, you just might find an article or two by yours truly!

Hope y’all had a great weekend – a newsletter is coming soon!


Derek Knight said...

it was nice meeting you and your wife. She's pretty funny, especially with her "I actually WORK when I'm at work" comments. I'm surely going to be depressed for months re: Broncos, but I will survive (if the Avs win a cup this year, that is. I REQUIRE SUCCESS!)

Oh yeah, and Jim Nantz and Phil Simms: wow. They have got to be the two most clueless individuals regarding football. Even my wife was making fun of them.

Pat Angello said...

Yeah, we had a blast! Sorry, but the first thing I did was look at Squatchy's feet. I feel horrible about that...

Collin said...

I was really fun meeting you and Katy. I was a bit concerned with how busy Fargos was, but it worked out all right. Now we just have to arrange a trip some Monday night so we can watch you perform at Freak Train.

For me, it wasn't so much your checking out Squatchy's feet that I found horrifying, as when you insisted that she take off her shoes and socks right there in the lobby. Shame on you Pat. Shame.

Pat Angello said...

HEY NOW! I was thinking that, but I didn't actually SAY it!

Heather said...

My first Blogger meet! It was a lot of fun and you & Katy are real nice!

I was talking crap about Phil Simms as well, especially after that comment at the beginning of the 2nd half about how Ben had Denver's secondary figured out - "If they want to make a big play, throw to whoever Foxworth is covering." Arghh!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!