Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Book of Daniel, Fridays on NBC

For those of you who miss Six Feet Under and/or Wonder Falls, NBC has brought you a great new quirky drama/comedy that will make you love network TV again.

Aidan Quinn stars as Reverend Daniel Webster, an Episcopalian priest who is addicted to painkillers. His odd family includes a martini-loving wife, a gay older son (a twin who lost his brother), an adopted Chinese teenager, and a talented artist of a teenage daughter. In fact, the show opens with Daniel bailing out his youngest daughter for selling pot. Why? So she could buy animation software for her computer.

The reason this show works is because it is very real. The children rip on each other with machinegun insults at the dinner table, like typical kids. The daughter is absolutely convinced that no matter what she says, nobody will ever understand her. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Anyway, Daniel’s father is overbearing as the Bishop and that is just one of his many problems in his everyday life. Adam (Ivan Shaw), his adopted son, is dating the almost 16-year-old daughter of Roger Paxton (Dylan Bake), a senior warden of the parish. Also, every time Daniel pops a pain pill, Jesus shows up to talk him out of it. Not in a threatening, shameful way. More like with a, “Dude, what are you doing,” attitude.

I’ll just say this – the show isn’t a religious show per se. This certainly isn’t Seventh Heaven! However, the Book of Daniel has good comedy paired with interesting plotlines and intriguing characters. This show is everything Six Feet Under was, and I know that’s a big statement. Seriously, look for the rerun of the pilot because I’m definitely adding this to my DVR!

5 out of 5!


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