Thursday, December 08, 2005

PAFC Newsletter, 12/8/05

Yep, gonna start with the plane bomber guy! Sometimes, to get my blood pressure up, I listen to Air America radio just so I can see what kind of ridiculous "take" Randi Rhodes has on non-political topics. Because, as you may already know, ANYTHING that happens in this country can be blamed directly on President Bush – at least according to Air America.

So here’s what happened yesterday in Miami: A man threatened that he had a bomb in a bag. When air marshals asked him to put the bag down and get on the ground, he said "no" and reached in the bag. The man was warned again, and then he started to run. Air marshals shot and killed the man.

Here’s what has come out since the incident happened: The man was bi-polar and (for some reason) off his medication. His wife tried to yell to the air marshals that he was mentally ill and not to shoot. The air marshals, in the best interest of all involved, shot anyway. So, in a split-second, the air marshals decided that this man COULD have a bomb and 1 casualty is better than 175.

I completely agree with this decision. Who’s to say that the woman wasn’t an accomplice trying to distract air marshals so the man could proceed with a terrorist mission? Do you really think we are immune to a suicide bomber in this country? Sure it’s too bad that a relatively innocent man died yesterday. But, again, 1 casualty out-weighs 175 in an incident that COULD have gotten extremely ugly in a split-second.

Here’s Randi Rhodes’ take: President Bush kills crazy people. Wha? If we had air marshals in place four years ago, 9/11 never would have happened. When someone poses a terrorist threat like this, I am confident that our air marshals made the right decision. Go ahead and blame the president – for potentially saving 175 people. The "spin" kills me. Oh, and I know by listening to a little Rush Limbaugh now and then, it can work both ways. However, this was the first time I literally screamed at my radio in frustration and anger.

Reason #48 why I hate Nebraska: This man got away with speeding 128 MPH! For some reason, the prosecutor went for a "reckless driving" conviction as the man fled from police on a motorcycle. However, the judge ruled that, since there was no passenger on the bike with the driver, he was just speeding. Yeah, just a little! But, he wasn’t on trial for speeding so he got off. OK, I got a huge ticket in the middle of nowhere NE at 11PM for going 75 in a 65. Did I get off with nothing? HELLS NO! I ended up paying a huge fine so porky could meet his quota and buy his hillbilly little kid a new straw hat!

He was just getting started. A man in Alaska served 21 days in jail for drunk driving. About 3 hours after he was released, he stole a van. Now he’s facing up to 5 years! Maybe he found a new friend there and didn’t want to leave?

Want to get to hell fast? Simply find an older woman with MS and steal her scooter. It’s happened to 62-year-old Gloria Brock of California TWICE now. I’m pretty sure Satan reserves a suite for you when you steal a scooter from an old woman with MS. Brock should be an air marshal as she told police, "When you find (the man that did this), don’t arrest him – shoot him!"

Another finger biter? A woman in AZ got into an argument with her boyfriend and bit off his fingertip. Sounds like an old girlfriend of mine! If only the guy had a taser.

If you were going to risk going to jail to steal something from a grocery store, what would it be? Expensive meat? Drugs? Toothpaste??? Apparently, some dude in Germany felt he needed to steal 39 tubes of toothpaste so he put them where nobody would notice – down his pants.


Heather said...

Thank you for breaking down the bomber thing that way. I kept getting bits & pieces of each side everywhere I went and was totally confused. Now I'm all straightened out.

PammyJean said...

I had some reservation about them shooting him when his wife was trying to tell them that he was bipolar, but when you point what venever occurred to me -- that she might have been in on it, had this been an actual terrorist plot -- it does become something that they have to ignore, doesn't it?

Liberal I may be, but extreme I am not.

And I thought Randy Rhoads was just a kick-ass guitarist.

Collin said...

I've been thinking about that quite a bit. On the one hand, you think if they hadn't shot to kill, or if they'd listened to his wife he could have been saved since he didn't have a bomb. Heck, if he'd actually had a bomb why would he announce it? I can't imagine a suicide bomber whose heart was really in it would announce, "Howdy gang! I'll be your killer today." Further, what plot could possibly been enhanced by having a woman who may or may not be the guy's wife claiming that he's bi-polar? Would they expect the air marshal to say, "Oh. Well. In that case on your way. I don't need to see what's in the bag."? At best it would be a temporary distraction that STILL isn't consistent with a suicide bomber. Now there are TWO people setting themselves to be blown up with a bomb they didn't have to mention in the first place. It sounds to me as if his behavior was consistent with a loon. BUT. I wasn't there. I don't think they made the wrong decision in the time they had. You NEVER even JOKE about having a bomb at the airport. Even long before 9/11. She should have made sure her husband was on his meds before flying.

Pat Angello said...

H - it's really hard to know what I would do in this situation, but I'm trying to cover all bases.

PJ - For the record, I'm pretty middle-of-the-road. I really don't get hung up on the Liberal/Conservative thing. However, the extremes on both sides really piss me off!

C - Good point about "announcing" the bomb. Then again, it works at banks. Also, I agreee that his wife should have kept his meds up to date. Why on EARTH would you let your bi-polar Schizo husband travel without his meds?

Bottom line: we are still SO vulnerable to another terrorist attack, I say better safe than sorry!

Collin said...

Yes, but at a bank the intention isn't to blow up the bank, it's to steal money and get away. What would there possibly be to gain from announcing that you have a bomb at an airport, other than to get your ass shot? If anything this incident has probably helped terrorists refine their plans a bit, "Note to self, don't mention the bomb in my carry-on. They will shoot me."

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!