Wednesday, December 14, 2005


The Pat Angello Fan Club was created on 12/17/04 and (combined with my other blogs) I’ve had nearly 200 posts! Also, I have an all-music blog, a fiction blog, a blog for a story I swear I will write one day, a brand spankin’ new Colorado Avalanche blog, and I contribute to The Bitter Buffalo (Bill’s blog).

So, how about we celebrate with another contest? This time, we’ll do a bit of an odd trivia contest. The prize: a 4-CD set I call "The Danny Discs." These are mixed CD’s I made for my nephew when he turned 15 and they feature some of my all-time 80+ favorite tunes! We're talking an A-Z and THEN some! The rules are simple: email ( the answers to the following 10 questions. Whoever gets the most right WINS! If there is a tie, a name will be selected from a hat. The contest will CLOSE at midnight on Friday, 12/16/05 and the winner will be announced on Sunday, 12/18/05 in the newsletter. Ready? OK!
  1. Other than the fact that they are retired African-American football players, what do Riley Odoms and Alan Page have in common?
  2. What brand of guitar does Dave Mustaine play?
  3. Who scored the last goal ever on Patrick Roy?
  4. What was the first sentence I wrote on this blog?
  5. On my music blog, who did I say is going to be the next big band from Colorado?
  6. Name 5 albums by Devo.
  7. What was Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf’s original name?
  8. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
  9. What did I dress as for Halloween this year?
  10. Who wore #82 for the Broncos from 1975-79?

OK, you have until Friday at midnight to email ( your answers to me. Please do NOT answer these questions in the comments section.

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Bill Purdy said...

Just put the discs in the mail as soon as you burn 'em. I'm a lock.

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