Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas – WOW!

OK, so my brother is famous for his “white elephant” gifts every year. Last year he gave my wife a 3-wick candle shaped like a lamb. It is absolutely hideous and now resides at my desk at work; it has been donned the “lambdle.” The year before, he gave me a monkey head lamp that looks like it was made out of lite-brite, which also resides at my desk. My coworkers are a little scared of me. So for him, I got a little pay back by giving him a porcelain male fairy kneeling on a lily pad with a lily pad hat and holding some kind of orb, or cheesy light bulb. Scariest thing I could find for less than $5!

This year, he out-did himself. He made a 6-page card with old pictures of us growing up and opening gifts at Christmas. When we were little, my dad built a platform for our tree. This platform featured a train track, road, and village. I used to run all of my Matchbox and Hot Wheel cars (which I liked to call “brum-brums”) on it. When my dad gave the village to my brother, he found the cars in the bottom of the box. My brother wrapped each car in toilet paper and gave them to me for Christmas.

I gleefully unwrapped each car, remembering certain features they all had. For instance, the Police SUV (3rd row, 3rd from the right) has a “light” on top that spins when the car moves. Others had hoods, drunks, and doors that open. The red station wagon (2nd row, 2nd from the left) has dogs sticking their heads out the back. Others (2nd row, last 3 on the right and the white truck behind them) are from Europe and have the old rubber wheels and steering wheels on the right side of the car. Honestly, this was one of the coolest things ever! I seriously had to fight back tears when opening some of these cars. He’s obviously the best (OK, only) brother I ever had!

Speaking of the best ever, look what my lovey wifey did for me!

She took my homemade Denver Broncos hockey jersey to a jersey embroidering place to have the crests, numbers and letters professionally stitched on. See, I had originally ironed them on, but I was nervous things would rip off if I ever wore it to a game. Now, I’m good to go!

Am I the luckiest boy in the world or what?


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Pat Angello said...

I will make you one for $150.


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