Sunday, November 06, 2005

PAFC Newsletter, 11/6/05

It’s all about dominance. That’s right – Purdy has been pushing, no, BEGGING me to get my router functioning again so we can commence in the latest version of the greatest X-Box live game ever invented: NHL 2K6. After this weekend, when I finally got back online (since June!), I think Mr. P. is sorry he kept after me. 6-1, 5-0, and 7-1. I think I heard whimpering over the communicator, but I’m sure he’ll claim it was the sound of his upset son. “How come my shots can’t get through, but yours go right through 2 players on my team?” I simply answered, “I’m timing my poke-checks when you shoot.” Frustration in NC was high, and the giggles in Denver were abundant. When yer ass heals, I’ll be ready to re-chap it for you, Purdy Boi.

In a related note, a high school basketball team in Oklahoma got smoked this week. Final score: 112-2. At least they didn’t get shut out, huh, Purdy?

Going back to the stone ages! The mayor of Las Vegas has an idea to stop graffiti – cut off the thumbs of the culprits on TV. I kinda like this idea, but where will it stop? I mean, what’s the penalty for being just plain stupid?

OK, I saw this headline and had to post it: “Hong Kong Thief Pinches 70 Hairy Crabs.” In my house, this doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Sorry, but this is really cool! A dog in Helsinki is trained to sniff-out corpses under water! Just today I watched my dog sniff the exact same spot in the grass for about 3 minutes, and all I wanted her to do was pick a spot to pinch a hairy crab.

People in Kansas are dumb. There, I said it. They ultra-conservatives are fighting to keep an evolution museum from opening. Apparently science and facts are a farce, but written fables from 2000 years ago can be followed to the letter. OK, so didn’t Adam and Eve have 2 boys? And didn’t one kill the other? So, where did the rest of us come from?

Bees attacked a bunch of kids in Baltimore. The kids were on a nature trip and, um, tripped over a beehive. Ha-ha!

Reality TV at it’s worst! (Isn't that redundant?) There is a new show coming that basically puts a camera in a gorilla area at a zoo. I have a feeling a hairy crab will hit the fan.

Sorry, shorty today. However, I saw two, count ‘em, TWO movies this weekend. So, ya know, reviews are coming.


Bill Purdy said...

If you need me, I'll be in the other room softly crying to myself.

Pat Angello said...

Note: I must gloat simply because BILL ALWAYS WINS! I lost about 157 games in a row to him when we shared an apartment. I had a 3-goal lead with 5 minutes to go only to lose in overtime. I then stomped on my controller and threw it off a 3rd story balcony. Something I'm not proud of, but I have to talk when I can.

Derek Knight said...

well...Way to go.

yep, it's me.... said...

say, you link to cheese mom and oreo cookie? awesome!
hey ... wait a minute... if you're here to tell us all about stupid people, and you've linked my blog... um, what're you trying to say?!?!?

thanks for popping in - and not even on a half nekkid thursday!

Bill Purdy said...

Velma's blog is amusing... check it out if you have a few minutes.

btw, I'm back on track, 1-3 with a bullet. I played the Thrash in alternate (Carolina blue? huh?) unis last night, to Pat's Winnipeg Coyotes (Phoenix with vintage Jats sweaters), and took a 1-0 lead a minute and a half in that I never relinquished. Final score from Atlanta: 5-3.

The difference? Somehow, Pat's players didn't stop the puck by merely being in the vicinity of my players. Accordingly, I got some good looks at the goal, some of which went in. I'm wondering if my XBox controller doesn't have some sort of difficulty switch (like tho old-timey Atari controllers) that I inadvertently left on. That might be the only good explanation for the opening day anomaly Pat describes in his showboaty, TO-like post.

Pat Angello said...

So, what are you doing tonight, wimpy?

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