Tuesday, November 01, 2005

PAFC Newsletter, 11/01/05

Go Nuggies! As I write this, I’m watching the season-opener for the Nuggets facing the Spurs in San Antonio. This is a tough first test for a team that many are predicting to be in the Western Conference Finals. On a quick side note, Nene (ne, Nene Hilario) could not come to terms on a contract extension last night. That means he’s a restricted free-agent at the end of this season. For Nene, the end of this season may have just happened as he (most likely) just blew out his knee. Ugh!

A woman in North Dakota received a live donkey as a gift for her 50th birthday. OK, before you get all pervy on me, she’s a former attorney general, governor candidate, and a well-known Democrat. Now it all makes sense! At first, I think we were both probably thinking the same thing here!

A Frenchman wrecked his motorcycle and ended up in a well. It took 5 days before a farmer finally spotted the cyclist trapped under his bike and rescuers pulled the man out in a 2-hour rescue procedure. Can you imagine being trapped in a well for 5 days? Worse yet, can you imagine being a French motorcyclist?

This is COOL! A woman dressed as a witch robbed a bank, vanished in the smoke of a dye pack that exploded, and then she reappeared in street clothes to rob another bank! Wait a minute – my boss was dressed as a witch yesterday. Coincidence?

People in Vermont take their maple syrup seriously. Just ask Steven Bain – he sold stolen maple syrup and (seriously) could face life in prison! OK, so there are more charges (possession and habitual offender for selling stolen goods), but come on! I think I know who’s behind this!

A man in Arkansas killed a buck. OK, so that doesn’t sound too amazing, until I tell you that he did it with his BARE HANDS! Apparently the buck somehow got into the man’s house, so the dude just went at it with the animal for 40 minutes. This guy must have been a stud, no pun intended. I understand that many men from Arkansas know how to do various things with their hands.

Wow – you think you know someone! A man in Iran (hey – that rhymes!) has been sentenced to death for killing his girlfriend. Who could blame him, I mean, she actually had the nerve to suggest they get married! So, he knocked her unconscious, smothered her with bed sheets, and swiped her jewelry before hitting the road. Nice! Sounds like a (former) local celebrity!

But was it to spite her face? A woman tried to help a wounded seal to shore in South Africa, but the seal responded by biting off the woman’s nose. My wife is a little familiar with this sort of thing – she tried to feed a monkey Coca-Cola in Africa. After a few exchanged of Coke in the cap, the monkey saw a little drop still in there and bit KT’s finger to the bone. Oh, and she was on an island in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, the monkey didn’t have any diseases. However, I think my wife still has a soft spot for monkeys – she did marry me after all!

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Heather said...

That's a nice picture of you two! That witch robbing the bank sounds like she read the same book I just finished, The Vanished Man by Jeffery Deaver...weird!

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