Thursday, November 17, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Quick and dirty for ya:

Somehow my wife scored pre-release tix for this flick so we went tonight. After sitting through a 1 hour presentation on how to cool your server racks (if ya know what I mean), the movie started.

As usual with Harry Potter movies, this film is visually stunning! The choreography and effects are phenominal. The children are (finally) becoming better actors, and the odd characters are still done to perfection.

The Goblet of Fire is a more mature and a little more frightening film compared to the others. There is some sexual tension among the kids, and a lot of gross, scary, and sad events that might be a little much for the younger, easy-to-scare, sensitive kids. However, I know one person who will enjoy the Harry in the bathtub scene. Guh!

Anyway, my wife has read the books and loves them. I'm pretty entertained by about any film, but she swears that this one was exceptional. They stuck well to the story and portrayed everyone and every thing just as she had hoped.

Therefore, 4.5 out of 5 collectively!


PammyJean said...

Though I had to stay up waaay past my bedtime to do so, I saw it yesterday, as well. I thought they did a nice job of focusing on the characters that move this particular plotline along (the other cahracters were still present, just not heard as much, or at all). Also, they covered the major plot points that you need in order to keep up with it, if you haven't just finished (or maybe have never started) reading the book.

Some of the more fun parts were skimmed over (World Cup, Yule Ball), but the more crucial elements were covered well, and with appropriate gravity (the mood surrounding ****'s death was quite somber, as well it should be).

Of course, this release means that I have to wait who-knows-how-long until my next HP fix -- book first? Or OotP movie? I'll bet the next movie is out first.

Yawn. Good film, but a bit too late for these old bones.

Bill Purdy said...

I haven't read the books (don't plan to, either), and I was unimpressed by the first two films, which I thought were presented as a bunch of forced "episodes" that existed only as a vehicle to get to the next "episode" (I've bene told that's how the books are written, which kind of makes me feel better for nbot reading them).

But the third movie, absent the heavy handed touch of director Chris Columbus, wasn't too bad.

Sounds like this new one won;t be bad, either. Which is good, because Beth will no doubt make me see it.

Bill Purdy said...

Most typos in a comment... ever! Apologies!

MGSoden said...

Is it me but does Radcliffe Whasisname (the actor who plays Harry Potter) look a lot like Kenny from South Park? Seriously. He has a friggin huge noggin. HUGE. And some chick has a countdown clock because she thinks he is hot? Man, that is pretty hard up to get hot and bothered about Kenny.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!