Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Halkey Talk

A very scary incident happened in Detroit last night as Red Wing defenseman Jiri Fischer had a seizure on the bench and had to be resuscitated. The game was called and Fischer was rushed to the hospital where he is staying for a few days to be evaluated. This story is Tedi Bruschi scary. On a personal note, this again hits way too close to home for many of my friends as we lost a great guy last year that collapsed playing hockey. His name was Mark "Smitty" Smith, he was five days away from turning 36, and he was married to one of our dearest friends. I think about him every day, and Katy and I try to do everything we can to support his widow.

Now that I’ve brought you all down, let’s talk about something happy!

I gotta tell ya, it’s been a looong time since Purdy and I went to a hockey game together. I kinda miss it, even if our hockey sweater etiquette wasn’t up to snuff for SOME people as Bill wore a Carolina Hurricanes jersey and I wore a Hartford Whalers jersey. We still had a great time, although the Avs looked sluggish in a relatively boring game that they ended up losing in a shoot-out. Sure they were down by 2 and came back to send it into overtime, but there seemed to be a ton of missed passes and lots of neutral-zone play. Yawn! He’s no replacement for my wife (in more ways than one), but going to a hockey game with Billy was still a lot of fun. I just wish the Avs could score a freakin’ goal in the shoot-out. They are literally 1 for 7, and we’re talking about shooters such as Joe Sakic, Alex Tanguay, and Milan Hejduk! Maybe it’s time they rotate in players who are actually scoring, such as Marek Svatos and Ian Laperriere? There’s no reason to put the game in the hands of the guys who are slumping. Hell, throw Andrew Brunette or Pierre Turgeon out there for all I care – just gimme someone who can get the puck past the goaltender!

One thing that stuck out like a ham sandwich at a Jewish wedding last night was the fact that the Avs media staff has gone to crap. The music was 70% awful and there were no fun video clips or games for the crowd to play – nothing! I’ve seen better entertainment at a college hockey game. I know they’ve got these 10 incredible prizes they are giving away throughout the year, but there’s got to be some budget left – especially when the cheap seats are $34 each. I’m thinking of putting together a list of ideas to share with them so they can actually entertain the crowd that is paying more than the fans of 28 other teams in the league, merely to watch a simple game.

Finally, (shut up!) there are rumors that the Avs are after Roberto Luongo, goaltender for the Florida Panthers. OK, so the Panthers have lost 11 straight, but don’t let that deter you from Luongo! The guy has been standing on his head for a team that can’t score and doesn’t play defense. Early on, he was THE fantasy goalie to have on your team as he had two shutouts and literally won games by himself. So, David Aebischer and Brad May to Florida for Luongo sounds like a deal to me. I don’t have anything against either player, but this is as close to a Patrick Roy trade as you’re going to find this year. Also, the dumb fans of this team don’t want May around, even though they literally fell silent when he got injured last night and even gave him an ovation as he was helped off the ice. Regardless, Pierre Lacroix needs to pull the trigger – git-r-done!


Bill Purdy said...

Last night was the first time I've been in The Can since Borque hoisted the Stanley Cup over his head. The seats, as usual, were terrific, but otherwise... things have changed. The building just doesn't have the spark or excitement I remember, and Patrick was right when he observed, "they just don't do anything fun anymore." It didn't help that the Avs struggled with their finesse game most of the night, which contributed to bringing the mood of the place down.

Still... SO much fun to watch hockey with Pat again! Now if I could just get him out to Raleigh for a Canes game, I can show him just what I've been jawing about ever since I bought tickets.

As for Luongo to the Avs... frankly, I think it'd be as big a trade for this years' team as the Patrick Roy trade was back in 1995 -- suddenly, they'd be a contender. I saw him anchoring a horrible Panthers team a couple weeks back to a 1-0 loss that should have been 7-0. He simply stood on his head for 60 minutes. It was a sight to see.

I feel comfortable saying Roberto Luongo is the best goaltender in the league right now. Anyone want to suggest otherwise?

Nichelle said...

So THAT'S who I met at the game? The infamous Bill Purdy?!?!?! Eeesh - I would have said more!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!