Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Yep - ANOTHER Sports Article!

OK, the new NHL is cool as poo! Let me tell you what has happened in the recent weeks. The Avs have given up 3-goal leads twice now. In Vancouver last weekend, the Avs were down 5-1 in the third period with a little more than 3:00 left. Then Brad May scored. Eleven seconds later, Patrice Brisebois scored. One minute and twenty-two seconds later, Alex Tanguay scored. Suddenly, the score is 5-4 with a minute and twenty seconds to go! Vancouver added an empty-net goal to wrap it up, but if you blinked or changed the channel, you missed 4 freakin’ goals!

Last night I (along with about 195,000 others) was watching Pittsburgh vs. Florida on OLN. (On a side note, OLN is not good hockey TV. They are horrendous with the camera and the announcers are ESPN rejects that are a bit, how do I say this, boring as hell! You might as well hit mute and call the game yourself.) Florida is up 1-0, so I flipped to the World Series pre-game show for (maybe) three minutes. When I went back to the hockey game, it was suddenly 2-1 Florida. Yep, I blinked and missed 2 goals in about three REAL minutes, probably because those two goals were less than 40 seconds apart in game time.

I watched the Avs vs. Edmonton last night as well. Avs scored twice in the second period, which I thought was safe at the 14:00 mark. Edmonton struck twice inside of two minutes! The teams went into the third period tied at two. The Avs then found themselves down 3-2 less than five minutes into the third. I was again a little confused at their incredible ability to blow multiple goal leads! With a little more than six minutes left in the game, Alex Tanguay tied it up. Twenty-six seconds later, Brisebois put in the go-ahead goal. Twenty seconds after that, Steve Konowalchuk scored to give the Avs a 5-3 lead. I’m certainly glad I didn’t change the channel.

The announcers emphasized something – you can no longer leave a hockey game early! These guys are unbelievably fun to watch and can score so quickly. Don’t blink, don’t change the channel, and don’t ever leave until the three stars of the game are announced! This game is almost like a video game now! Maybe last years’ cyber season played out by kids on an X-box for the Denver Post wasn’t so far off after all – I could certainly imagine a 14-8 final score this year. The game is super exciting and people are bound to catch back on to it!

I tried to watch Game 3 of the World Series last night, but I was getting tired! I think I lasted through the 12th, but then I suddenly realized something: I don’t like baseball, and I have no interest in either team! I used to like the White Sox, probably because former Denver Bear - Tim Raines is involved with the team (former player, current base-running coach). I was sort of rooting for Houston last night, just to make the series interesting. Baseball has WAY too many statistics, and FOX created a new one last night to emphasize the length of the game (longest World Series game ever). They showed how many camera cuts they made. Seriously! I can’t remember for sure, but I’m thinking it was near the ten thousand mark. If you think about it, here’s what it normally looks like between pitches: shot of pitcher, shot of Sox manager, shot of Astros manager, shot of person in crowd, shot of someone different in the crowd, shot of yet another person in the crowd, shot of pitcher, shot of base runner, shot of batter, shot of pitcher, shot of perhaps famous person in crowd, shot of catcher, shot of pitcher, shot of base runner, shot of Sox manager, shot of bullpen, shot of Astros manager, shot of someone else in crowd, shot of pitcher, shot of batter, shot from left field of pitcher about to deliver pitch. Guh! Enough with the stinkin’ drama already!

Oh, and I think my prediction of Houston in 6 ain’t gonna happen!

The stupid dress code in the NBA is still getting attention. In case you missed the great comment from DeJo last week, here it is:

dejo said... Re: New NBA dress code) Allen Iverson is quoted as saying "I feel like if they want us to dress a certain way, they should pay for our clothes." OMFG! That is wrong is so many ways!

Allen Iverson is scheduled to make $14.625 (remember, million is always implied in sports salaries – and the number of ways you can choke a camel!) this season, but wants someone to buy his clothes for him? You know, he doesn’t HAVE to go to Harold Pener! He can go to K&G Fashion Store!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going on a Viking cruise to blow off some steam!


Derek Knight said...

agreed. The OLN is completely botching its hockey coverage. (of course, sound up or down, I don't care. I call the game myself because I can't help it. I think it drives my wife nuts.)

Heather said...

Thanks for the pic of Tanguay! :)

That was happening to me a couple weeks ago with the Avs game - I was flipping between the Avs and Criminal Minds and everytime I flipped back to the game someone had scored! I never did actually see a goal!

Bill Purdy said...

Dish Network dropped OLN, so I can't watch games there (not at home, anyway). Not that it appears I am missing anything.

I DO get games twice a week on HDNet, and they are absolutely spectacular! Hockey should only be shown on TV in HD, IMO.

Is it me, or did the NHL change their logo?

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