Monday, October 03, 2005

The Weekend in Review…

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The newsletter will return tomorrow, but I had a fun and busy weekend!

Friday night I went to a happy hour for a guy at work who is leaving the company. We went to a bar called Gordon Biersch, which is located in a huge mall close to work. It was actually pretty fun, though I feel a little awkward out drinking sometimes. I had one beverage, Lynchburg Lemonade, and it kicked my ASS! I found myself heading to the food court for a 12” cheese steak and fries to fill my gut. There was no way I was driving home without food in my tummy. I went back to the bar and downed a Coke. About an hour later I was in a MUCH better situation to drive. Am I the biggest wuss drinker ever?

Katy and I spent most of Friday night and SaturDAY getting caught up on TV shows we had recorded but did not have time to watch. We finally got to see Threshold, which was pretty good. I felt a little lost after missing two episodes, but they seemed to do a decent job of referencing prior episodes with the important stuff.

Saturday KT had a friend over to grind some ham! I’m TOTALLY looking forward to ham loaf! I went and got a haircut. Ron, my barber, explained that he took ballet at the age of 6 (and hated it) and used to be a professional nightclub dancer. Hmmmm… Anyway, after that my brother and I went to lunch with my mother. Yep, we were in trouble. My mother is wonderful, but sometimes she gets weird notions and feels we need to listen discuss them with her. It wasn’t REALLY a lecture, but it was still a good conversation. KT and I spent the rest of the day still catching up on TV.

We were in bed by 8PM on Saturday night. We were actually on the guest list for Burning Abigail, but we volunteered to help out at the Breast Cancer Race for the Cure at 5AM the next morning. Hence the early bedtime!

Race for the Cure is an incredible event. The number of people there was astonishing! KT and I were in charge of checking out radios to the other volunteers. One lady was freaking out because she couldn’t get her head set to work, and she was being quite bitchy about it. Turns out she was pushing the talk button on the radio instead of on the cord for the headset. After we realized the problem, we debated for a while before telling her how to properly use the thing. The 6 hours on my feet was a little long, but I really have no complaints after seeing so many “I’m racing for…” tags on people. It’s quite humbling when you think about it.

We headed home and I watched the Broncos’ game while KT napped. I also skimmed through the season premier of SNL with Steve Carell and Kanye West. Carell nailed an impression of Ray Romano and also did some odd characters, so it was an OK show. Tina Fey is on maternity leave, so Horatio Sans filled in on Update. It just isn’t the same! There are also a couple new “featured” performers, including one who does phenomenal impressions. However, Lorne Michaels has Ashlee Frucking Simpson booked as the musical act next week! WTF? There are so many great bands out there that would DIE for a spot on this show and he’s got her lame ass on there AGAIN??? I’m totally disappointed – almost to the point of boycotting the show for the season!

I then built a flier to put up at work for my next performance! Just in case you are wondering, that would be Big Foot’s Big Night O’Entertainment at the Curious Theatre, 1080 Acoma in Denver, Monday, 10/10 – show starts around 7:30. $5 gets you in and the beer is FREE if you are in costume. FYI, “in costume” is loosely interpreted.

After a brief nap, I went to pick up my nephew and his buddy to take them to see System of a Down at the Pepsi Center. The Mars Volta and Hella opened up, and it was pretty fun! We were on the floor (I’m not a big fan of sardine-like crowds, and this was not a great place for me) and it was quite the spectacle!

Hella came on first. The guitarist and drummer started the show by just wailing and making a ton of noise. Eventually, a bass player and guitarist/keyboardist/”singer” joined in. My nephew described them as “grind core” a la Lightning Bolt but they were a bit easier to listen to than Bolt. The guitarist looks like a serial killer, and the keyboards sounded like old Atari games. All in all it was a pretty fun 30-minute introduction to the band!

The Mars Volta was very interesting. There were 9 people in the band! The singer was tall and skinny, wearing a bad suit, and sporting an oddly shaped afro that would make the Welcome Back Kotter kids jealous! The guitarist looked similar, with a bad suit and hair nobody really elects to have on purpose. They basically stretched 4-5 songs into 45 minutes. However, they were really good and had a great lightshow with really cool artwork behind them.

System of a Down gets people moshing. The start of the show had the floor pushing and swaying. Eventually a mosh pit formed right next to us – that proved to be extremely entertaining. I love watching these huge guys marching in circles, kicking and throwing their arms, desperately hoping to make contact with someone that will just start beating the crap out of them. I got to carry a few crowd surfers, which was a bit odd – especially when they came at you from behind. But the band was excellent! They went on for about an hour and a half and did not do an encore. Then again, they pretty much played everything people wanted to hear!

All I have to say is, God bless earplugs! I actually got a pretty good night’s sleep and was in to work on time!

MUST SELL - Avs tickets for OPENING NIGHT! Yep, we've decided to go to the Nashville game on the 12th so I can perform on the 10th. That means we have to sell our tickets for the Calgary game on 10/10 at 7PM. Section 354, row 5, seats 3&4 are $34 each, so $68 for the pair. Email me at if you are interested!


WTF? said...

Just saying howdy. I disappeared for a few days but I do still have my job and I did well today. Just been busy. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

Bill Purdy said...

If you haven't clicked on every single one of the links Patrick put in this post, you haven't lived.

MGSoden said...

"Grind some ham" sounds like a new pick-up line. "Hey baby, how 'bout we go back to my plance and grind some ham?" Or maybe it is just me.

Sus said...

Yeah, "Threshold" can be a wee bit difficult to keep up on if you miss a week. I really am digging Brent Spiner's character, he's got such a hilariously caustic attitude!

Just read about the whole Ashlee Simpson & SNL reunion and I agree with ya...WTF??? I'll defintely be abstaining this weekend. blech!!

So ya went to a System of a Down concert, eh? Never pegged you for being into them. I saw 'em for the first time this past summer on SNL and well....can't say I'm a big fan. Those guys creep me out and I'm a fan of Marilyn Manson!! *LOL*

I tried explaining the beauty behind moshing to a co-worker a few months back and needless to say I only dug my "yer a weirdo" grave deeper. Poor kids these days, they just don't understand!!

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