Friday, October 28, 2005


Sometimes they come back!

OK, so I’m still a little baffled by the reinstatement of Toddy Bertuzzi – not sure if the punishment fit the crime. However, I did enjoy (most) of the reaction the Avs fans had when Bert came into town for the first time since the most horrific calculated incident in the history of professional sports.

Bertuzzi was drenched with boos as soon as he hit the ice. It didn’t matter that Joe Sakic just scored the first goal of the game, the cheers turned to boos as soon a #44 hit the ice for the following face off. And the boos kept up whenever Bert got near a puck.

Bertuzzi played the game as if he was in a haze. At one point he was in the slot and all alone with the puck but barely got off a shot. A little credit can go to Abby here, but Bertuzzi just looked lost all night. I honestly think the crowd took him out of his game. Hopefully the Avs saved some firepower for Saturday after this 6-2 victory!

I am also pretty impressed that the Avs as a team didn’t focus on Bertuzzi. Nobody really took a run at him on purpose; they simply went about their business and did what they had to do to win the game. Which would make sense since there are 4 points in the division on the line with these two teams this weekend.

Unfortunately, the crowd did offer some “Bertuzzi Sucks” chants in the last minute of the contest. Also, according to the article above, some dolt poured a beer over a female fan wearing a Bertuzzi jersey. Not sure exactly what she expected to happen wearing that jersey into the arena, but I was kinda hoping people in Denver had a tad more class than that. Oh, well.


Hey Losers!

Time to make y’all jealous – it’s the big winner from the latest PAFC contest sporting his new t-shirt! Now, if Derek knew how to operate his new digital camera a little better, these pics might actually be in focus. Instead, I’ll just tell you what they say:

Front: “Pat Angello says: I’m a WINNER!”

Back: “I named the movie for EVERY SINGLE ONE of these quotes…(list of quotes)…and all Pat Angello sent me was this stupid t-shirt!

Derek also won this mixed CD:

And an autographed filer like this:

If you are in the PAFC Football Pick ‘Em and/or Fantasy Hockey League, you could be sportin’ one of these t-shirts next!

Happy Friday!


Bill Purdy said...

I think I'm a lock in the Hockey Fantasy League, what with Pat owning the two leading entries (what, exactly, is a muffin pie, anyway?) and ERIC FREAKING STAAL, BABY! lighting up the Flyers last night for a hat trick -- AND taking over the NHL goal-scoring lead.

And can I say a word about the once safe two-goal lead the Flyers blew TWICE yesterday at the RBC (and which the Canes have erased four games in a row, against Toronto, Ottawa, Boston and the Flyers, losing only once, in Toronto, with 19 seconds to go in OT)? The only safe two-goal lead in the new-look NHL is the one when the buzzer sounds at the end of regulation. Especially if you're playing the Canes.

Oh, yeah. One last thing, this time about Forsberg: Kids, he's still good.

Heather said...

I'm not holding my breath in either league. I started out good in the football pool but fell apart...sad.

Nichelle said...

THAT is what I get to look forward to!?!?!?!? Great, maybe I should tank on purpose.... ;-)

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!